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Festive Halloween Banner + Free Bat Template

halloween bat banner

Inside: Festive Halloween Banner + Free Bat Template Grab your pumpkins and hand over the witches’ broom, it’s spooky season! These little pom pom bats are ready to take flight to spread all the Halloween feels. We love decorating and celebrating every season and holiday, one of our favorites being Halloween. It’s so fun to […]

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How to Make DIY Confetti

Inside: How to Make DIY Confetti When it comes to throwing a party yeah cake, gifts, and decor are important. But nothing says “let’s celebrate” like tossing around some colorful confetti. From holiday get-togethers to big birthday bashes this DIY confetti is the perfect way to celebrate. What You Need for DIY Confetti For this […]

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6 Wellness Tips for Handling Stress During the Fall

According to a 2017 study by Gallup, 8 in 10 Americans feel stressed sometimes or frequently during their day. Most commonly, stressful emotions are caused by work or children, but lack of time and financial troubles also play a big part. During the fall, most families have to adjust their schedules for the school year. […]

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How to Make Room for Sports in Your Home

Whether you like to get stuck in or prefer watching games from the comfort of your couch, finding a sport that you love has the potential to improve your physical and mental health. Due to the recent pandemic, we have all had to adapt our lifestyles in order to protect ourselves and our households from […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Using An Instant Pot

Since its creation back in 2011, the Instant Pot has taken over the multicooker market, even selling over 215,000 units during the Black Friday sales in 2016.  It’s not surprising. This appliance has the potential to erase half your utensils in the kitchen, reduce your cooking time drastically, and allow you to cook healthy and […]

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