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Amazing Halloween costumes for grown ups

I know our lineup of kid’s party costumes may tell a different story this year, but… Halloween isn’t just for the little ones. If you like dressing up just as much as the trick-or-treaters, then these costumes will definitely inspire you! Whether you need a costume for the whole family, you and a special someone, or just for yourself like the Medusa hair above, these10 amazing Halloween costumes for grown-up are a perfect choice!

Halloween Costumes for grown ups

Here are some of my favorite Halloween costumes for grown-ups!

These bandits and their bag of cash make the perfect creative couples costume.

Robber hallowen costume for grown ups

Red yarn and plenty of cute patterned clothing is the key to making this Raggedy Doll costume a success.

grown up halloween costume ideas

Pop art isn’t just for 2D comic books anymore. Use this technique to make your entire costume from makeup.

If you choose to go the traditional route with an obvious costume, Alice in Wonderland is a sweet and easy example.

costumes for grown upsDon’t you love seeing dads getting into costume with their kids? This shark attack trio is especially clever!


Let us know what you dressed up for this Halloween! Happy tricking and lots of treating!


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