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10 great types of cactus to gift

10 great types of cactus to gift (click to see them all!).

Let’s talk about how awesome it is to gift different types of cactus… Instead of gifting the traditional flowers for Mother’s Day, for teacher appreciation week (it’s this week in case you forgot!), for wedding gifts, housewarming or graduation gifts – give a cactus. I love gifting cactuses because they are really really hard to kill. They are a modern pretty way to present flowers that aren’t overly fragrant. And they just look gorgeous in any home (or classroom) space.

If you think about it… a cactus is just about the perfect gift for everyone. For mom, it’s something unique and thoughtful. For a teacher, it will stand out amidst the sea of mason jar bouquets and will thrive on a classroom desk with the lack of weekend care. For graduates and newlyweds, a cactus is super easy to take care of – they’ll instantly feel successful in their new stage of life!

However some types of cactus are better received then others. Here are my 10 favorite types of cactus for gifting…

pencil cactus

A pencil cactus has such a gorgeous look, it is hands-down my latest house plant obsession. Gifting a pencil cactus is a gift that will wow anyone on your list. The cactus grows in such a wild and crazy way that it will instantly make a statement. Not much else is needed to create this dramatic look; a simple vase, the cactus, and a card will turn this week’s gifting opportunity into a lasting memory.

10 great types of cactus to gift

The easiest of all the types of cactus to gift is a succulent plant. Better yet when they have gorgeously modern lines. This beautiful pair will transform mom’s patio, or instantly make the newlywed’s new apartment feel like home. They only need to be watered about once a week so the plants will thrive outside even if they get ignored for days at a time.

Cactus gifts

Sweet painted jars are a perfect way to get the kids involved in gifting cactus this year. Purchasing small succulents that are really affordable and painting washed out metal cans will make a great present for a teacher or mom. I love the neon colors in this collection. They’d also be adorable favors for a summer BBQ or Fiesta party.

Pretty cactus garden

Cactus in cups (love this!)

Building an indoor garden by mixing different types of cactus with a few fresh cut blooms will be a gift that mom is sure to love! Scour the thrift store for vintage tea cups, miniature vases, and even use small latte bowls for a gorgeous and sweet way to display a cactus collection.

10 great types of cactus to gift...

Not much beats the stark beautiful lines of traditional types of cactus plants. A basic cactus + a pretty pot makes a fabulous transition from one stage of life to the next for any graduate you know.

10 great types of cactus to gift

Grafted cactus are some of my favorites. It is actually very easy to graft a cactus, you can even try it at home. The result is often a gorgeous flowering head that will be a fun way to give a modern take on a bouquet.

To graft your own cactus for a fun DIY cactus gift start by having the stock and the cactus head that you plan to graft on. Make a sharp cut in the stock cactus that is already planted (at least 1 inch down from the head). Make a sharp cut (about 1 inch) under the top of the cactus head you are grafting on. Look for the colored circles and align them as you place the pieces together. Use a rubber band to cover and sustain the place of connection. Leave the cactus like this for 6-8 weeks and remove rubber band to find your new cactus creation.

Pretty cactus gifts

An entire bowl filled with mini-succulents is a gift any mom or teacher will treasure for years to come. A bright pretty bowl like this one and a small collection when placed together becomes a gift that will make someone very happy.

Fuzzy Old Man Cactus

This small fuzzy white haired “old man” cactus is a fun variation from the traditional form and would be a welcome addition for a teacher’s desk or as a Father’s day gift for the old man in your life.

Panda Plant

This cactus looks so soft I could cuddle up with it! This “panda plant” is a great option for keeping a cactus variety that is family and classroom friendly. The lack of spiny leaves allow it to not poke a child and the look is as beautiful as a flower bouquet

Cactus bottles (HA!)

Last but not least, who says your cactus has to be living? This display of recycled bottles turned into different types of cactus would be such a fun project for the kids to get involved with! Turned upside down in small pots with added flowers and spike details, it is a gift any teacher or mom would be grateful for.

Whatever types of cactus you gift this year – the thoughtful presentation of a plant that won’t wilt in 5 days will bless and encourage the recipients.

PS. Painted succulents and cactus balloons!

(Photo credits linked above: © Tara Heibel, Lawren Lu, Neon Cactus, Hema, Marcel, Kaat Zoetekouw, Esther, Alicia Bock/Stocksy International, and Veronika Richterová).

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