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10 Ideas For Edible confetti


Confetti is one of the easiest ways to turn a regular donut, cake, or sweet treat into an instant party food. A donut is just better with edible confetti sprinkled on top! This weekend, before serving up your sweets sprinkle a party on top – no jokes about it.


Edible Confetti

To make the edible confetti you will need:

1. Start by punching out holes in the colored sugar sheet. Much like paper confetti, just jeep punching!

2. Sprinkle, roll, or pat the edible confetti onto your food.

In case donuts aren’t on your weekend list of plans (although I would question why you’d have a weekend without donuts!?), here are 10 fun ways we’ve used or seen edible confetti used recently. Each idea is a great way to inject a little festive fun into treat time.


Save yourself the DIY steps and just uses jimmies as a version of confetti to make these sprinkle Confetti ice cream sandwiches.


Put the confetti inside the actual cake batter for a gorgeous color show popping through.


Fancy the use of edible flower confetti? This candied bark looks sweet and wonderfully festive to enjoy.


Or use our favorite edible flower clippings to top any kind of cake/pie/treat with a big dose of edible confetti.


Use corn syrup to get the confetti to stick down the sides of a glass for a festive & fun milkshake!


Confetti on a cake that is paper thin gives such a wispy and sweet spring look.


Glitter and confetti filled ice cubes are always a fun idea for a party. Simply fill the trays with water freeze about 3/4 way, once mostly frozen add the confetti an edible glitter on top for party drinks you will adore serving.


Cookie batter mixed with sprinkles as confetti will make my kid’s wildly happy on an average Saturday afternoon.


Edible confetti on a cake is possibly the easiest way to decorate a cake… ever!


Sprinkled confetti popcorn is a fun way to serve a party treat everyone will love.

However you use the edible confetti, let’s make a plan to liven up our weekend with sweets and fun!

(Top 2 photos ©Gillian van Niekerk, Stocksy United – all others linked in description).

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