This week is teacher appreciation week and I cannot remember ever wanting to thank a teacher as much as I do right now. The twins first year of preschool has been a raving success – in large part due to the awesomeness of our teachers! Here are ten easy projects we’ve previously crafted that would send a simple and subtle “Thank You” to the teachers who’ve worked their bottoms off to teach our kids all year.

Painted striped tote bag to carry their supplies in style.

A pretty lantern to enjoy during their summer off.

A dixie cup vase from the kids to show their thanks in pre-school style.

Fabric bowls for corralling all their favorite desk supplies.

A scarf wrapped bouquet that they will love now and enjoy into next fall.

 Fill their kitchen with summer goodies in a simple dish towel fruit tote

 Gilded bottles with your favorite summer drink recipie inside.

You’re tea-riffic tea bags with a made at home blend.

Flower basket from grocery bags.

A wreath for their desk chair and then for their door.

If you are a teacher reading this – thank you for all your hard work. You are amazing!