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101 This Or That Questions For Kids

When it comes to keeping your children and their friends entertained, you don’t always need expensive outings or equipment. Sometimes, it can be as simple as asking them some basic questions.

Don’t believe us? We’ve compiled a list of 101 this or that questions for kids. It’s easy – just give them two options to choose between, and they pick the one that they prefer.

It may sound too simple, but it gives your kids time to think and reflect on their own interests and preferences. It can also help them to get to know their friends better, as well as bond with each other and you.

With these funny this or that questions, you can spend hours having fun using nothing but your voice box!

This Or That Questions for Kids

This Or That Questions for Kids

Here are some of the best this or that questions that your kids will get a big kick out of. We’ve sorted them into five convenient categories, so it’s easier to pick and choose which questions work best for your little ones.

These include nature & weather, food, sports & recreation, characters & movies, and miscellaneous. Enjoy!

Nature & Weather

  1. Cats or dogs?
  2. Beach or pool?
  3. Pet snake or pet tarantula?
  4. Puppies or kittens?
  5. Sun or moon?
  6. Monkeys or gorillas?
  7. Rain or snow?
  8. Jungles or mountains?
  9. Fly like a bird or swim like a fish?
  10. Hot weather or cold weather?
  11. Sunburn or bee sting?
  12.  Countryside or city?
  13.  Snowstorm or thunderstorm?
  14.  Rivers or lakes?
  15.  Houseplants or gardens?
  16.  Wind or rain?
  17.  Palm trees or pine trees?
  18.  Animals or insects?


  1. Peanut butter or jelly?
  2. Cake or cookies?
  3. Breakfast or dinner?
  4. Chicken nuggets or Pizza?
  5. Fruits or vegetables?
  6. Soda or hot chocolate?
  7. Candy canes or gingerbread men?
  8. Ice cream or frozen yogurt?
  9. Tacos or hamburgers
  10. Dark chocolate, white chocolate, or milk chocolate?
  11. M&M’s or Skittles?
  12. Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
  13. Coke or Pepsi?
  14. Juice or smoothies?
  15. Pancakes or waffles?
  16. French fries or tater tots?
  17. Ketchup or mayonnaise?
  18. Sushi or hot dogs?
  19. Be a vegetarian or only eat meat?
  20. Pancakes or waffles?
  21. Broccoli or green beans?
  22. Cake or pie?
  23. Soup or sandwiches?
  24. Sweet or savory?
  25. KFC or McDonald’s?

Sports & Recreation

  1. Football or basketball?
  2. Bowling or ice skating?
  3. Soccer or baseball?
  4. Watching sports or playing sports?
  5. Swimming or surfing?
  6. Cinema or skate park?
  7. Amusement park or water park?
  8. Nintendo Switch or Playstation?
  9. Books or Movies?
  10. Singing or dancing?
  11. Card games or board games?
  12. Hiking or fishing?
  13. Play outside or play video games?
  14. Skateboarding or ice skating?
  15. Karaoke or Guitar Hero?
  16. Skiing or snowboarding?
  17. Painting or drawing?
  18. Skydiving or bungee jumping?
  19. Band or choir?
  20. Track or field?

Characters & Movies

  1. Batman or Spiderman?
  2. Anna or Elsa?
  3. Kermit the Frog or Miss Piggy?
  4. Harry Potter series or the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
  5. Ninjas or pirates?
  6. Mickey Mouse or Goofy?
  7. SpongeBob or Patrick?
  8. Scooby-doo or Snoopy?
  9. Frozen or Moana?
  10. Lion King or The Little Mermaid?
  11. Franklin or Arthur?
  12. Shrek or Donkey?
  13. Iron Man or Captain America?
  14. Horror film or a comedy film?
  15. Paw Patrol or Backyardigans?
  16. Superman or Wonder Woman?
  17. Naruto or Luffy?
  18. Blues Clues or Peppa Pig?


  1. Christmas or Halloween?
  2. Nighttime or daytime?
  3. Taylor Swift or Olivia Rodrigo?
  4. Miley Cyrus or Ariana Grande?
  5. Sleeping or napping?
  6. Shower or bath?
  7. Reading or writing?
  8. Jokes or riddles?
  9. Alone or in a crowd?
  10. Use an umbrella or walk in the rain?
  11.  Fly or be invisible?
  12.  School or home?
  13.  Tv or Youtube?
  14.  Smart or popular?
  15.  Disney or Nickolodeon?
  16.  Straight hair or curly hair?
  17.  Silver or gold?
  18.  Pen or pencil?
  19. Eating or sleeping?
  20.  Beanies or scrunchies?

This Or That Games

As fun as these questions are, Kids can lose focus and get bored quickly – their attention spans are short, but you can always structure these questions to keep the game going for longer.

This or that for kids is always going to be more fun when turned into a game, so we’re going to recommend a few clever ways you can turn these questions into captivating games for 2 or more people.

Guessing Game

guessing game

If there are only two children, have them face each other with a piece of paper and a pen. Every time you ask a question, they must not only think of their own answer but also what they think the other player will choose.

They must write down their guess of the other person’s answer before sharing. If either guessed correctly, they get one point. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game is the winner!

Quick-Fire Rounds

Another way of adding an extra layer of competition is by letting the two kids ask each other the questions. The asker will write down what they think the answerer will say, and they get a point for every time they get it right. Once they get it wrong, they switch positions. This continues until all questions are answered.

Group Setting

If you have multiple people, you can split the group into two teams. Each team has ten seconds to agree on which is the superior choice, and if there is anyone on the fence by the 10-second mark the other team gets a point, and vice versa.

It doesn’t have to be competitive though – sometimes you can simply go around in a circle giving each person a turn to ask a question.

Each child must answer it, and give a detailed explanation as to why they made that choice. This is an excellent way to start conversations and get players to learn a little more about one another.

Whether you’re on a long road trip, waiting somewhere, or just stuck at home without much to do, this or that for kids is an excellent way to pass the time with your little ones.

Keeping children occupied doesn’t have to be as complicated as some people make out – sometimes it just takes a bit of extra quality time with friends, siblings, and parents to keep their minds racing.

We hope you and your littlies enjoy these this or that questions and find some fun and creative ways to use them. If you’re looking for more DIY family games and inspiration, why not check out a few more of our articles at A Subtle Revelry? We promise you won’t regret it!