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11 ideas for your post-halloween pumpkins

11 Post Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Happy Halloween! We are decked out and ready for the fun over here, and have a lawn full of pumpkins embroidered, pinned, and painted to share with the neighborhood. Tomorrow our pumpkins will still be here and, over the years, I’ve found some fun ways to reuse them and extend their lives a bit longer.

Here are 11 simple ideas for enjoying your pumpkins even after the trick or treating is done.

Make a batch of spiced pumpkin butter. The butter tastes really good with dinner rolls and makes a great gift to bring along to just about anything.

Open up the pumpkins and make pretty candles to keep November evenings brightly lit.

Pickle your pumpkins and have a taste of fall all year long!

A display of pumpkin hanging planters is such a pretty backdrop for any Thanksgiving feast.

Use small pumpkins as appetizer and breakfast serving dishes for a natural November meal.

Go pumpkin bowling with toilette paper pins!

Make pumpkin soup and use larger pumpkins to serve it in.

Get pumpkin beautiful, by making a pumpkin face mask that will brighten up chapped fall skin.

A succulent pumpkin planter is the perfect centerpiece.

Roast your pumpkin seeds! They keep for over a month when baked and sealed.

Make a birdhouse out of pumpkins or gourds. It’s an easy project the kids can help with and they brighten up bare trees.

Lots of other pumpkin ideas right here. Have fun tonight!

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