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Guest post- goodbye Ruffles & Stuff

This post is especially sweet to me today. One of my favorite people in this huge blog world has come to share her summer inspirations. Disney has lead the way for so many of us in crafty inspiration this year. Saturday marked her last blog post, I am very honored to be sharing one tiny little extra from her heart and life with you today.


I have to admit, when Victoria asked me to write up a post about what I love about summer, I thought: “This is going to be tough!” Summer is my least favorite of the seasons, mostly because I don’t like sweating, but it was really fun to sit down and think of the reasons why I do appreciate summer!

For one thing, I absolutely love the beaches of the East coast and the Northwest. I’ll take a sand dollar and a cool breeze over blazing hot white sand any day!

And, of course, something nautical to wear to them!

During the summertime, you will almost never see me without a huge glass of iced lemon tea. If I could hook myself up to an IV with this stuff I think I’d be truly happy:)

But my absolute favorite thing about summer is waking up at 5am to see bright sunlight, already lighting up the sky! Longer days are a definite blessing.

Disney, thanks so much for sharing your inspiration today & thank you for inspiring so many of us throughout your blogging tenure, we all wish you the best as you move on.

PS. In case you missed it a few wonderful Ruffles & Stuff party tutorials can be found here.


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