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Genius Details For Home


I have a quick update for you on the new house. It’s been a fun last week. We drove to Ikea to stock up on all our cabinets and received the supplies for our concrete counter tops. There is a lot keeping us busy, which is good, since we are still waiting to get the keys to the house! STILL WAITING!!! Closing on this house has been such a crazy process. We’ve had a delayed septic tank inspection because of our crazy winter, along with an interior wall pipe bursting just before our last closing date. Basically everything that could happen to delay us seems to have happened.

For this schedule driven gal it is all a little crazy, but I’m trying to go with the flow and work on what we can do now. Like putting an entire room of cabinets together. ;) I’ll have an update on how that goes once the cabinets are in. Have you ever seen an actual Ikea kitchen? I’ve done all the research possible and for our budget they seem to be the best quality + style we can get. Here’s hoping everything else goes right.

While we wait for closing to finalize (next week??!?) it’s given me more time to get very detailed in our design and project planning. One of the best things about renovating an entire space is getting to think through what will make our lives easier and more beautiful… and then actually getting to put those details into place! Here are 12 genius details I’ve found for making life in our new home so much better.

Wood front vanity

Wood front cabinets. We have 3 bathrooms to eventually renovate, the first one being the kids/guest bath. Using an affordable vanity and then cutting down wood to front it seems like a kid friendly and really classically pretty design choice.

Shiplap + wall paper

A mix of shiplap and wall paper. Like every other Fixer Up Fan, I am in love with the look of shiplap. But, it can begin to feel a little overwhelming to have an entire room covered in it. I love the detail of using it half way up a wall and adding wallpaper or texture to the other half. A fun version of this is in the plans for my little girl’s room.

Turn upper cabinets into a buffet!

Using upper kitchen cabinets to create a sidebar is genius! We are taking down an entire wall of upper cabinets and I love the thought of being able to reuse them in a different part of the house, instead of buying something new. Here’s a similar tutorial that is equally as great.

Wood Panel Door

I’ve read about 567 articles on how to panel doors at this point. Instead of replacing all the interior doors in our new home, I plan to take each one off to add detail and paneled molding. This wood on white look is my favorite version of this look and I am excited to incorporate it somewhere in the house.

Open Space Plates

Open shelving for plates and then having the dishware coordinate with the room is so perfect! It’s a little like having your everyday dishes run the night shift as your art. Purposeful, beautiful and wonderfully simple.

Tile Love

We have just picked out the flooring for two of the three bathrooms in the new house and although this tile isn’t the look we’ve chosen it is a good inspiration for where I finally landed. A mix of fun and classic beauty is the plan. I’ve learned that tiling the floor of the bathroom is an easy way to inject more bold style into a home, since the space is small it’s allowed us to relax on the cost and be more willing to take a fun design risk.

toilet paper holder

Dino toilet paper DIY

Blame it on the late nights packing, or all the waiting – but we are even to the point of designing and planning our toilet paper holders. Ha! This one is such a gorgeous detail for the loo, or this hilarious dino paper holder would make the kids really happy.

Stripe painted ceilings

Looking up and painting the ceilings. I’ve got BIG plans for the ceilings in a number of our rooms. We are installing beams, painting stripes, and even using a little wallpaper up there. Focusing on the ceiling is a fun detail that I am excited to experiment more with this year.

Brass Hardware DIY

Of all the different google searches I’ve been doing over the past few months, figuring out how to source/make/magically create great looking hardware affordably has probably been #1. With all the effort we are putting into some of these spaces, the hardware really seems to finish it off. This DIY for the long brass drawer pulls has been my favorite one so far. A detail we will be trying out in the kitchen – wish me luck!

Pastel Painted Stools

Painting furniture in unexpected ways is a detail that is easy to fall in love with. We have these bar stools sitting in a box that I can’t wait to take a can of paint to. They mix of wood and pastels is superb for a family friendly kitchen.

I’m off to build cabinets now – hopefully next week we will get in and I can finally start sharing photos of all the plans coming together.

PS. Our festive home inspiration, how to make your own wall paper and fun scripted pillows.

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