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13 Balloon Decoration Ideas for Christmas

There are so many ways to decorate for Christmas, but I have to say, my all-time favorite is with balloon decoration ideas for Christmas! Balloons are happy, bring a special feel to any holiday and can be put up super last minute. I see you last minute decorators out there. ;)

Balloon Decoration Ideas for ChristmasJust because balloons aren’t a traditional Christmas decoration doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be included in the fun…in fact, I think they’re the perfectly unique and out-of-the ordinary!

So, to finish out the year we are going back to our favorite love and giving you 13 Balloon Decoration Ideas for Christmas that I promise you’ll be so excited to create this Christmas season.

Balloon Ideas for Christmas Decorating

Balloon decoration ideas for Christmas you’ll love

Christmas Tree Decorating Balloons

Skip the ornaments this year and opt for a bright and bubbly balloon filled Christmas tree! This is probably one of the simplest Christmas decorations you’ll ever make and definitely one that the kids can help with too! Just tie colored balloons together, and once you’ve got a long enough chain, wrap it around your tree.

Christmas Light Balloon Garland

Using your favorite combo of multicolored balloons, create a colorful Christmas Light Garland. Start by blowing up a bunch of balloons and taping down the knots so that they look like Christmas lights. Cut rectangles from green construction paper and wrap around to create rings. Then attach to the tops of the balloons. Glue the lights to a ribbon to create a beautiful Christmas Light Garland! Display on a wall, along a banister, or above the fireplace.

Christmas balloon decorations

Reindeer Party Balloons

Sweet little reindeer faces make these brightly colored balloons totally pop! I love to mix and match so that each reindeer balloon is unique and different from the rest. These guys are shown taped to the wall for a fun photo backdrop but can also be gathered in a bunch and handed out as favors at a kid’s Christmas party!

Balloon Ornaments

Blow up balloons and add mirror sheet caps to the top for ornament look-a-likes! You can do multiple colors and sizes and set these balloon ornaments on your Christmas tree, between presents, or as table decor for a festive party look.

Christmas balloon wreaths

Christmas Balloon Wreaths

Using linkable balloons, these wreaths are super simple to make and look awesome on the front door! What better way to be greeted at the door than with colorful balloons. Make lots of them and hang over the fireplace, on the kids’ bedroom doors, or above the mantle for a whimsical Christmas wreath that’s all its own.

Balloon Snowflakes

I’m really crossing my fingers for a White Christmas this year. Waking up to a blanket of bright white snow is just the most magical thing on Christmas morning, and I think everyone should get to experience it at least once! But, I know that snow doesn’t fall in some places, so balloon snowflakes will have to do…they’re a pretty good substitute, if you ask me. Creating these snowflakes takes some patience and creativity; you’ll need to connect both large and small white balloons until the arrangement resembles a snowflake. Start with a cross shape and then add some in between too. You can make them as large or small as you’d like. I think a mix is best and my favorite snowflake balloons are made with the really pretty pearl colored balloons in crisp white!

Christmas mistletoe balloons

Last minute balloon decoration ideas for Christmas

As far as last minute balloon decoration ideas for Christmas go, nothing will look as great as a field of candy canes! Grab these candy cane balloons or write out Merry Christmas in balloons using Amazon prime and they’ll be here in time for the Christmas day brunch.

Mistletoe Balloons

In case you need an excuse to cozy up under some mistletoe this season but can’t seem to get your hands on the real deal…I’ve got some adorable mistletoe balloons that are the perfect stand-in. All it takes are some white balloons, green paper, and wishful thinking ;)

Balloon Presents

Mylar balloons come in all shapes and sizes. Did you know there are even cube-shaped mylar balloons?! These make for the perfect Christmas presents. All you have to do to complete the look is add some ribbon and a bow and you’ve got yourself a bouquet of floating presents!

Balloon Tree Skirt

Who says you have to have a regular old cloth tree skirt this year? Not me! I’m all for the fun and fresh ideas. And this balloon tree skirt is sure to make even the plainest of Christmas trees more festive. In fact, I think it looks awesome with an au-natural tree (save for a pink star topper, of course). Pick your favorite colored balloons-you can go classic red and green, or add in some other shades too. Make sure to blow some up pretty high and leave others smaller to fill in the gaps in the skirt. The arrangement is totally up to you, so long as the base of the tree is covered and the balloon skirt looks full, you’ve done a great job!

Reindeer Balloon Animals

Although I’d like to think of myself as a balloon enthusiast, I’m certainly not a balloon artist. And balloon animals definitely require some experience. So, if you’re up for learning–or for hiring!–I think reindeer balloon animals would be an absolutely adorable way to celebrate this Christmas. Whether you’re handing them out to kids at a classroom party or just keeping them around the house for a touch of fun, they’re sure to bring a smile!

DIY balloon decoration ideas for Christmas

Hanging Balloon Garland

Garland is a decorating staple this time of year, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that my very favorite kind of garland is one with balloons :) I made this hanging garland one year with 36-inch balloons and it was such a crowd pleaser, I can’t help but repeat it year after year. For some extra color, I added a little chain of pipe cleaners to match the balloon colors.

Christmas Tree Balloons

This one of our balloon decoration ideas for Christmas is a really simple way to look like a pro but you totally don’t have to be!

Start with a cardboard tube of any size–could be an old paper towel roll or a larger one you can purchase from a craft store–which will serve as the framework for your tree. Blow up a bunch of balloons (green is the popular choice, but we all know I’m for pink trees too!) in different sizes. Then, tape the smallest balloons to the top of the tube, increasing the balloon size down the tube so that the largest ones are at the base. You should be creating a triangular/tree shape with the balloons. Top with a star-shaped mylar balloon and you’ve got yourself a Christmas tree of the happiest kind!

DIY Balloon Hanging

If your mantle is in need of some holiday cheer but you don’t know where to start, the place is here, friends! This DIY Ballon Hanging is the perfect mantle topper. It’s big, bright, and fun and totally different than anything else typically used to decorate a mantle. Which is probably why I like it so much! There’s really no specific way you’ve got to make it look so get creative. Blow up balloons and varying shapes and sizes and knot them together. Once you’ve got a few good-sized groups going, using fishing line to tie them together into one big masterpiece. Place on the mantle, or hang from the ceiling if things got a little too big. I get it, it happens.

P.S. Are you as obsessed with my pink fireplace as I am? Alllll the heart eyes!

I’d love if you shared with me what your favorite of these balloon decoration Ideas for Christmas is from this list. Do you have a certain way that you like to decorate for Christmas? Wonder if you can incorporate balloons!? Bet you can ;)

(Top photo by VeaVea/Stocksy all others linked in article).

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