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13 Monster Crafts You Can Make In An Hour

Monsters are a whimsical way to incorporate some silly and spooky fun into your Halloween celebration. And what better way to do it than to craft up some of your own creations? These 13 Monster Crafts are sure to bring smiles and shrieks!

Monster crafts you can make in an hour

Now, before we start thinking making monster crafts is just for kids, you have to see these ideas. So many of them can be enjoyed by the entire family and every single one can be made in 1 hour or less. Because no one has time for a massive Saturday of crafting this month…

So whether you’re crafting for a monster class party, or making monster crafts for the office at work, one of these ideas is sure to get the spooky fun started.

Monster craft favor bagsMonster Favor Bags

Looking for a creative way to hand out Halloween candy this year? Make up Monster Favor Bags filled with candy or trail mix for a healthy classroom option all the other parents will certainly appreciate.

Monster Painted Rocks

Pick out some rocks of various sizes and shapes and paint them all different colors…the brighter the better, if you ask me. Once they’ve dried, hot glue on some googly eyes — You’ll be hearing about these lots throughout this post. I mean, they’re pretty much the defining characteristic of a monster…at least the cute kind ;) — and you’re done! These would look cute scattered across any surface in the house or at the office for some fun Halloween-inspired paper weights.

Monster party crafts

Pom Pom Monsters

I have this thing about pom poms; they’re just so fluffy! And this is seriously the simplest craft ever which makes it a total win in my book. All you have to do is grab a bag of cute little multicolored poms, glue on some googly eyes + some tiny felt feet cutouts and you’re left with the sweetest little fuzzy friends. Here’s a video to show you what I mean.

Monster Slime

Slime is all the rage right now…or maybe my kids have just convinced me that this is the case so I’ll allow them to whip up a weekly batch. Hmm…in any case, because I’m making it so often, I’ve now perfected my recipe for fluffy slime without borax. Once you’ve got your slime made, all you’ve gotta do is add googly eyes (I told you they’d be making more appearance than one!) and you’re ready to go! It’d be cute to hand out little containers of slime to trick-or-treaters or in goodie bags at Halloween parties this year. While I definitely am all for candy of every kind, there’s always room for something fun to play with too.

Monster craft ideas Monster Straws!Monster Crafts For Parties With Straws

We mostly craft for parties so this set of Monster crafts is perfect for your next monster birthday party!

This craft is so much fun for kids to make and enjoy and also adds festive flair to a cocktail for an adults-only Halloween party. The monster straws are super simple to make…just poke a small hole into the top and bottom of a ping pong ball and push the straw through. Glue on some googly eyes of various sizes so everyone’s got something a little bit different. Drop into your favorite drink, or try them out in orange soda, for a special Halloween treat.

Monster Boxes

Don’t toss those old tissue boxes! Wrap in colorful paper, glue some paper cutout teeth around the hole, and add cutout horns and eyes galore. See how many different designs you can make and use them to decorate this Halloween season.

Monster Headband

To make a Monster Headband, you’ll need to glue an extra large pipe cleaner to the front of a plastic headband. This will give it a furry look. Then, crumple up some colorful crepe paper, molding it into a horn. Using a regular sized pipe cleaner, wrap the horn to keep it’s shape and hot glue onto the top of the headband. You can make one, two, or more horns depending on what you want your monster to look like!


Balloon Monsters

All you need to monster-fy some balloons are pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and adhesive. Make the pipe cleaners into little hairy spirals or pointy horns. Secure onto the tops of the helium balloons with tape. Then, using glue dots, sprinkle on googly eyes to your heart’s content. The key here is to make them as silly as possible!

Monster crafts with food - monster donuts!

Monster Crafts With Food – Donuts Monsters

It always makes me so happy when I can figure out a way to incorporate donuts into a holiday celebration. And these Monster Donuts might just be one of my all-time faves. They’re so much fun to make and obviously to eat ;) Pick out a dozen of your favorite flavors; for me, the more sprinkles the better! Insert a pair of vampire teeth into the center and drop on some candy eyeballs using corn syrup to help them stick. Nom nom nom!

Monster TreatsMarshmallow Monster Treats

And to continue the amazingness of monster crafts with food – these are the best! Whip up a homemade batch or unwrap a package of store-bought marshmallow & rice cereal treats. Melt a variety of colored candy melts and dip the treats halfway in. Once they’ve dried, draw on some eyes (again, the number is up to you!) with white and black frosting tips. This can be created also with small white donut holes. And don’t forget to munch away!

Monster Slippers

I love this craft because it’s a great way to upcycle an old pair of fuzzy slippers that just need a little extra something. All you have to do is cut out some felt claws and hot glue them onto the soles. I like to use felt that’s a different color than the slippers for additional color. These are a really cute Halloween gift for the kids or quick last minute costume idea!

Monster BombsMonster Rolls

Save up your used cardboard toilet paper and paper towel rolls to make short and tall monsters. Wrap colored yarn around the rolls to make a colorful body. You can use one or more colors per roll. Cut out horns and claws from colored paper and glue on. Add some googly eyes and that’s a wrap! These guys make for cute décor but also are great for hiding a secret stash of candy too ;)

Monster Pumpkins

It’s no secret that I love to paint pumpkins. In fact, here are a couple of my favorites in case you’re all about it too: Abstract Painted Pumpkins & Pool Float Pumpkins. This time, we’ll brightly paint some pumpkins and then decorate them with a variety of things so that each is unique.

To take this love of monster crafts into the pumpkin world… try mummy wrapping one with white crepe paper, adding googly eyes at random onto another, attaching pipe cleaner horns, or painting on fangs. The possibilities are endless! See who can make the spookiest monster pumpkin of all!

And lastly, in case you missed it we made these amazingly hilarious monster candy apples last week that win the Monster craft award in my book! They are so fun, it’s almost too much. Almost. But, never!

I sure hope you had a monstrously good time reading about all 13 Monster Crafts. Whether you’re crafting for a party, home décor, or just for fun, I think these are some of the sweetest and spookiest. Which ones are you most excited to try?

(Top photo by Laura Stolfi/Stocksy United).

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