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Having a brand that is built around a style and passion that you love can not only create a profitable business, but can bring so much joy to the world! We are launching a 5 day challenge to Nail Your Style & Grow Your Brand next week! Building a digital lifestyle business around my personal brand and identity has been life changing and I think whether you are a blogger, Etsy shop owner, MLM advocate or just a gal who wants to share love online – your personal brand can be the biggest asset imaginable.

Join us for the challenge by clicking right here — Nail Your Style, Grow Your Brand

As preparation for the course, I’ve compiled a list of a few favorite brands and bloggers who are hitting this concept out of the park! Are there any companies with strong branding that you are loving lately? I’d be thrilled to know.

Rosie Clayton has one of the most iconic Instagram styles around.

All pink everything is the heart and soul of

And don’t get me wrong, a brand doesn’t have to be your face… Erin Summer has branded feathers in the most perfect way imaginable.

Fancy Flamingo Design is a great example of an Etsy artisan with serious branded style. Her colorful pom pom and tassel creations are just to die for, and I really think I need one of each to add some fun to my everyday. Go follow @fancyflamingodesign on Instagram to add some happy, fluffy love to your feed right now.

If you haven’t caught on yet, I surely get my daily dose of inspiration from my peeps on Instagram. A couple of my other colorful favorites are: @hotpinkpineapples because Cyn is an all-star set decorator and can create a beautiful picture from any background, especially ones with splashes of color + she has pink hair so she’s automatically cool in my book.

I think it’s important to remember also that not all brand’s need to be bright and colorful to be amazing! There are so many brands that bring the natural to light beautifully, my favorite on to get lost in lately is Sorelle.

Jenny Cookies has such a rockin’ social media presence that she was able to grow her brand from blog to full-blown business with a storefront. I love that her brand is consistent in incoporating her passion from blog to social media to brick and mortar. Having a strong presence in all three is only possible with a great vision behind it.

So many people say that it is just TOO LATE to get into the blogging game. I do not believe that at all! Sam Ushiro is a great example of a newer blogger who struck a hard brand note, and has stuck to it whether she is producing posts for us or rocking her own Instagram. In sticking hard to a strong brand she’e been able o build a successful business in a very crowded space.

Party ideas are a big passion of mine, and there are lots of friends online who provide some great tips and tricks. One brand I love is A Kailo Chic Life. There are so many cute and revelrous party ideas on this blog. From Halloween cocktails to Christmas cookies (it’s never too early to get excited, people), Kara’s content is stylishly on brand no matter where I see it online.

As far as home renovators go, Studio Mcgee is one spot I always know exactly what to expect with. From online product, to videos, to a full fledge interior service they sing in perfect pitch.

I hope you feel inspired to think more about the style you love and the brand you are building. If you are excited to think more about this join us for the 5 day branding challenge starting next week!

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