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17 brilliant crafts for teens

17 brilliant crafts for teens

With our first craft book just weeks from launching – I thought it would be fun to share my favorite crafts for teens (and for us young at heart). My love affair with crafting started while I was a teenager. As a part of our high school student council, I was thrown into a 4 year cycle of poster making, prom decorating, assembly running bliss. During those years I learned everything about glitter, paints and the awesome things I could create with my hands.

The best way to learn is to jump in and get your hands dirty with these brilliant crafts for teens. There’s never a better time to learn. Who knows where a new craft might take you!

There are hundreds of amazing ideas that can easily get you started for updating bedrooms, lockers, jewelry etc. Here are 17 especially brilliant crafts for teens.


Brighten up a Saturday night drink with festive gemstone drink stirs.


Want to see how green your thumb can be, start slowly with a gorgeous wood based terrarium. It’s pretty to look at and easy to keep alive.


Nail polish marbled garland for the extra colors that you have lying around.


Jot down class notes and other important things to remember in your own set of colorful paper journals.


For a lazy Saturday, make a handful of these floral headbands, find a photo booth and pose with some good friends. You’ll treasure the day years from now.


Update your room with this dream catcher for good vibes and bright colors.


Colorful electric cords will make your desk fit right in with the rest of your awesome space.


A perfect sized felt bag for keeping all necessities right at hand (no sewing involved!).


You can never go wrong crafting friendship bracelets. This tutorial is brilliant – I knew you’d want to see it in this crafts for teens list. Spend the weekend making a stack of them for you and a stack to give away.


I am in love with this glitter phone case. It’s a cinch to make!


A stylish travel mug for drinking warmth on that quick weekend out of town. My love for coffee also started when I was a teenager. Not that crafting and coffee always have to go together, but they do make a mighty fine pair.


DIY key chains that reflect whatever it is you are loving at the moment.


An adorable paper mache unicorn that will make your space seem magical. You can use this easy to follow tutorial to make any type of animal head, although why you’d make something other than a unicorn is beyond my comprehension. Crafts for teens should always bring magic.


Origami hearts for passing the cutest notes in class with festive style.


Updating a lawn chair will instantly make your beach going, pool laying summer even better!


Make a hundred of these hand painted pillows for stacking on the bed, on the floor, stacking everywhere you want a comfy spot to read.


Paper stars for lining your walls and ceilings with something bright.

Whichever of these brilliant crafts for teens you try, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1) Practice makes perfect. Often my first run at a project won’t be my favorite. Try it a couple different ways, and in a few different colors before deciding which version you will keep.

2) To get inspired – get to work! I’ve shared before how I stay creatively inspired, the most important way is to get crafting. So many great ideas come up when you dig into the materials. Even if it makes you nervous, the best thing to do is to just jump right in.

3) Make a space. It can be tiresome to craft on your bed, or the dining room table only to have to clean it up before the project is done. Find a space (even if it’s itty bitty) in the garage or basement that you can claim is all yours for laying out supplies and getting creative.

Looking for more inspiration… Here are 50 kickass craft blogs!

(All photos linked to their original projects. Top photo ©Jacqueline Miller/Stocksy International)

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