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18 Genius DIY School Supplies

DIY school supplies that are functional and pretty will make going back to school so much easier this year.

You could always buy those colorful back to school supplies, but it’s so much more fun to make them. Don’t you agree?

18 DIY School Supplies

Can you believe it’s back to school season already?!

It feels like summer just flew by. Between pool parties, mini weekend vacations to some of our favorite spots, and day trips to the lake, we have been jam-packed with all the fun activities!

And while I’m sad to see summer go, I’m also excited to get back into a routine.

To prepare for the kids being back in school, I’m getting a head start on their supply lists.

Instead of going store-bought I thought it would be fun create DIY school supplies so that they each have something creative and unique to reflect their individuality :)

18 DIY school supplies

So, if you/your kiddos love cool DIY projects that are super fun, these 18 DIY School Supplies are just for you!

DIY genius back to school supplies

Ribbons, yarn, and glue are all it takes to make these adorable Pom Pens. Pick your favorite color combos and make a bunch of different ones!

This Pineapple Drawstring Backpack is so stinkin’ cute. It’s kid-sized, which will make it difficult for me to steal from my daughter–kidding of course! ;)–and perfect for toting around the tools she needs to succeed at school.

I’m skipping the sticky notes this year and letting the kids help make these mini DIY Notebooks with sweet little foodie faces.

Easily one of my favorite DIY school supplies.

They’ll work perfectly for jotting down little to-dos, and with a touch of colorful tape (which is way more fun than regular clear), they can work as stickies too!

There’s a donut, pineapple, watermelon, and creamsicle shapes to choose from…and something tells me we’ll be making two of each.

DIY school desk supplies

DIY school desk supplies

Paint a Palm Leaf Pencil Pouch (and try to say that ten times fast!). Such a cute way to hang onto those summer vibes as long as possible.

DIY Desk Organizers provide designated space for keeping all these DIY school supplies at home.

When the kids are finished up with their homework, it’ll be nice to have somewhere to pack up and store their supplies so the kitchen table remains clutter-free!

This one’s a mom win for sure.

DIY book crafts

DIY school book supplies

Use these silly little Binder Clip Googly Eyes for marking a page, keeping loose sheets of paper together, or to seal up a brown bag lunch!

This one for the older kiddos who have the liberty of chewing gum at school.

I remember basking in this privilege as a high school student…it’s basically a rite of passage.

And while regular packs of gum will suffice, your teen’s bubble can get an upgrade with this DIY Retro Gum Holder, fashioned after a cassette tape. Oh so very vintage.

Love these Unicorn Bookmarks. It comes with a free printable so you don’t have to be a top-notch tracer to create these sparkly little beauties by any means.

DIY back to school book supplies

Forget black and white composition notebooks! Ombre Journals are the perfect solution to brighten up the writing game.

If your kids have to use lined notebooks, just grab some with blank covers and let them pick out which colors they want to decorate with.

Ever get tired of buying plastic baggies over and over again?

Sure they’re convenient, but it’s nice to be kind to the environment where we can.

I’m going to make up some Easy DIY Decorative Duct Tape Decorative Reusable Snack Bags to pack my kids’ lunches this school year.

I know they’ll enjoy munching on some carrot sticks a whole lot more when they’re sealed up in a pretty bag!

homemade back to school supplies

This No Sew Colored Pencil Roll is such a creative idea to store all the colors for your little artists.

Textbooks are so expensive! And I really like my kids to take good care of theirs so, at the end of the year, we can sell them back.

I know they won’t mind using these Washi Tape and Wrapping Paper Book Covers because they’re festive and fun, but also totally functional.

A File Organizer is one of the more necessary DY school supplies for when kids start to bring home all sorts of paperwork.

It’ll be your tiny bit of sanity to have a place to put all of the homework assignments, permission slips, school announcements, etc.

And if the kids know where everything is supposed to go, they can help file it all away on their own!

Back to school craft supplies

DIY kids craft supplies for school

Painting projects are always such a blast. Especially when they involve total creative freedom!

Paint any pattern you want on these DIY Rattan Pencil Cases. Stripes, polka dots, or initials are all great options.

A Lego USB Stick is the perfect DIY supply for your little techie.

I know my son would love to have one of these to show off to his friends.

Plus, if this mix of work and play get him going on his projects before I have to ask…I’m all in!

diy book ends

Bring some order to the bookshelves with Easy DIY Dipped Brick Bookends. Paint them colors to match your kids’ rooms so they can double as decor!

These tiny DIY Geometric Bowls made from scrapbook paper are great little bowls for holding all the knick-knacks like paperclips, thumbtacks, and erasers.

Back to school supplies made at home

Upcycle empty water bottles of various shapes to make No-Sew Zipper Plastic Bottle Cases.

A fun alternative to a pencil pouch, these guys will make sure backpacks stay organized and you can always find what you’re looking for.

Which of these 18 DIY school supplies are you going to make with your kids?

Are you ready for school to start back up? Share with me your favorite back to school projects, traditions, and diy ideas!

PS. Make back to school balloons for the kids.

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