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18 Summers! A Blogging Update

Hi! How have you been? I am sure you noticed with the sporadic posting this past month, but we have taken the last 6 weeks or so mostly offline. Ever since writing this post on owning a lifestyle business and realizing I only have 18 summers (we have 9 left now!) with my kids. I’ve been working toward being able to more fully take the summer off. And this year it actually has mostly worked. We’ve had to pop to handle a few things – we ran a book release, shot a fun back to school video, and spent a number of afternoons planning for the future of our brand. But besides that we played, all summer long!

And now… I’m so happy to be back.

I realize working for myself has the huge advantage of setting my own schedule both daily and yearly – but for a long time I still worked as if I HAD NO CHOICE! Which is crazy, since I do. I know many of you reading this are work at home entrepreneurs or would like to be one day and can I give you the best advice you’ll ever get? Take a vacation! Plan a season of rest and after working hard for a long time don’t be afraid to scale back to enjoy the lifestyle you are actually doing this to enjoy.

You are still awesome if you take a beat. Maybe even more awesome than you’d be otherwise. ;)

Having weeks to get rest from the daily and enjoy my family has had the added benefit of completely inspiring me all over again. Fall and then the holidays are my favorite time to be blogging and this season is going to be one for the books!

How was your summer?

We had a blast in Las Vegas which I shared about right here, up at Tahoe, and last week in Santa Cruz. We took the kids to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and spent an entire day eating funnel cakes and riding rides! It was a blast.

We also spent an afternoon in the Redwoods and checked out The Mystery Spot. Have you been? It was wild to see how much the gravity pull had us leaning up to a 17% lean while standing totally straight. I would easily recommend it as a fun detour if you’re in the area.

Other than that our summer was filled with many sunsets by the lake and a lot of 8 year old fun. I missed you and can’t wait to share this coming season of bright revelrous fun together!

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