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20 Girls Night Out Ideas That Are Better Than Your Local Bar

Girls Night Out might just be my favorite set of “three special words.” There’s nothing quite like a night out with my best girls, and I know you hard-working ladies feel the same way!

Whether you’re a full-time mom, put in 40+ hours/week at work, or hustle 24/7 at home, we all could use a break from the busyness of life to just relax and enjoy a fun night without with the girls.

After my girls’ weekend trip where we did all the fun things in Austin, Texas I was incredibly inspired.

We’ve come up with 20 smoking hot Girls Night Out ideas to help you mix it up, try something new, and ultimately have the best time ever!

20 Girls Night Out Ideas to Try

Girls night out ideas

1. Go Out Dancing

Whether you like to move to today’s top hits or shake it to salsa in your line up of Girls night out ideas, there are a ton of different bars and dance halls to choose from.

From country bars to rock venues, throw on your dancing shoes and grab your girls for a fun night out on the town!

2. Progressive Dinner

Instead of frequenting your typical restaurant choice for Girls night out ideas, why not pick a few favorites and do a single course at each?

With a progressive dinner, you’ll have appetizers one place, dinner at another, and dessert at a final eatery.

If you’re on a budget, you could totally get a group of girls together and take turns hosting at your own homes… just make sure the husbands and kids are otherwise occupied to fully enjoy your girl time!

Try these conversation cards for a few fun rounds of discussion as you eat.

Girls Night Out Activities

Affordable Ladies Night Out Ideas

3. Pool Party

Summer is coming and that means longer days that allow us to be outside well into the evening hours.

Plan an evening soiree by the pool, complete with funky pool floats, fruity drinks, and pretty patio lighting.

4. Thrift Store Shopping

I absolutely love to peruse thrift stores. No matter what I’m looking for, or rather not looking for, I always go home with some pretty awesome finds.

From home decor to clothing and everything in between, thrift stores are a great place to go when you’re inspired to use something old and make it into something brand new.

In our list of girls night out ideas, thrifting for vintage wears and then hotting the town is such a fun way to spend an evening away.

5. Game Night

Your Girls Night Out ideas all don’t have to be “out” at a public place. For all but the host, it could still be a night out at the home of one of the other gals.

Game night is fun to do in someone’s home because it gives you permission to be as loud and crazy as you’d like… without the general public eyeing you all evening in the hopes that you’ll tone down the giggling (which you won’t).

Or, if you’re a bit more reserved (read: mature), you can visit a local coffee shop or smaller bar where they probably have a bunch of board games for you and the girls to play together.

Another fun option is bunco! If you’ve never played before, it’s a group game that’s perfect for girls’ night… I’d highly recommend it.

Girls night out games

Cultured Girls Night Out Ideas

6. Spa/Salon

A lot of day spas have extended hours for those who prefer to enjoy some pampering after the sun has set.

You could do mani/pedis, massages, or facials paired with an evening cocktail for a wonderfully relaxing, much-deserved night with your girls.

7. Art Show

Lots of galleries have evening affairs, where the public is invited to come and view the current collection on display.

If you and your girls are into art, or just want a reason to dress up and do something sophisticated, this is a really fun option.

8. Drive-In Movie

The drive-in is the perfect warm-weather activity. Toss some pillows, blankets, snacks, and drinks into the trunk of your car and meet the girls at the outdoor theater for a night under the stars with your favorite chicks + a flick.

Girls night out party

9. Bike Ride

While teaching the kids to ride their bikes certainly brings lots of smiles, a night ride with your friends will probably bring a bit more enjoyment of scenery and stopping to take in the view vs. use the potty.

You can end the ride with a picnic in the park, having everyone bring a different dish to share, or picking up your favorite takeout on the way. To get your bike girls’ night ready, trim it in pink! :)

10. Book Club

Calling all bookworms! Gather your group and meet regularly to discuss your current read.

You can meet at each other’s homes, adding a dinner party to the agenda or go together to a coffee shop.

This is a great way to be intentional with your Girls’ Night Out, spending time with good friends and having good conversation too.

I do this once a month and it’s easily my favorite night of the week.

11. See Live Music

I recently took a girl’s trip to Austin with the girls and one thing we did that I really enjoyed is saw live music.

Look for some upcoming concerts in your area or search for your favorite local artists and see where they’ll be playing next.

Then gather your girls to enjoy the tunes!

girls night out pictures

12. Craft Something

I don’t know many gals who don’t enjoy a good scroll through Pinterest. Put your ideas to life by hosting a Girls’ Night Out crafting party!

Before you start, head to the store together to shop for the materials needed so that everyone can pick out their own choice of stuff.

Also, it’s the perfect excuse for a wine or ice cream run before the crafting fun begins ;)

13. See a Show

Depending on where you live, there are lots of different options for the type of show you could see.

Maybe it’s a ballet, a musical, a comedy club, or a play put on by your local theater.

Pick something you and your girlfriends will enjoy most! And how cute are these shoes for walking downtown to a show with your favorite ladies!?

Girls night out outfit ideas

Fun & Whimsical Girls Night Out Ideas 

14. Host a Themed Party

For what might be the most fun of our Girls’ Night Out ideas, pick a theme and plan a party!

This could even be a running event in your social calendar, as you and your group of girls take turns hosting the party with a different theme each month.

Some could be based on the holidays, others on favorite activities or foods.

15. Take a Class

Do you like to workout? Cook? Create art?

Sign up to take Zumba/pilates/yoga, try out a cooking class, or participate in a paint night!

Whether you’re an expert or first-timer, it’s guaranteed to be a good time with your besties by your side.

Girls night out ideas shopping

16. Go Shopping

Indoor and outdoor malls alike are always open at least partially into the evening, and in my opinion, this is the perfect time to shop.

The crowds have died down and there’s just a much more relaxed feel at the end of the day, don’t you think?

Meet the girls at the mall to peruse your favorite stores, with the ability to take your time window shopping too!

17. Attend a Sports Game

Although it’s typically viewed as a “guy thing,” there is nothing wrong with attending a sports game as one of our fun Girls night out ideas!

In fact, you might just have an even better time enjoying the big game with your girlfriends, who are more likely to converse with you throughout the night, than with your husband who is an avid fan and would prefer to keep his eyes glued on the action… ;)

18. Roller Skating

Raid each other’s closets to come up with the silliest 80s outfits, throw up your hair in a side ponytail, slap on some hot pink lipstick, and head on over to the roller rink for a funky night reliving the glory days!

You could totally do this at a bowling alley too. Whichever you pick, make sure to take lots of pictures, preferably on an old school Polaroid to really capture the decade.

I’m stealing this one of our girls night out ideas for my birthday party next year.

How fun!

19. Enjoy Fondue

If you’ve got a local fondue restaurant, that takes the planning out of the process. But, if you don’t have that luxury, fondue is really easy to DIY.

Have each girl bring a different dipper and ask the hostess to provide the melted chocolate.

In case you’d like to add some adult beverages, red wine pairs really well with dark chocolate and white wine with white chocolate…just saying!

Girls night out ideas drinks

20. Blind Tasting

To finish off our list of girls night out ideas… try this instead of a normal bar tab night…

Head to your favorite cocktail bar and surprise each other by ordering a mix of drinks and then doing a group taste test.

Or, gather at someone’s house for the tasting, keeping the wine varietals a secret by placing the bottles in brown bags. (Here are some wine tasting tips).

Try to guess which drink is which, making sure to write them down to see who is the master mixologist! By the way, loser picks up the tab…so get your game face on!

P.S. The best Girls’ Night In.

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