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2024 Holiday Gift Guide

The gift guide is here!!! Below you’ll find all the presents that I’m excited to grab for some of the favorite people in my life. This year we are combining all the fun ideas into this one post, so you can be sure to find something your favorite hostess, BFF, kids or beau will love here. Enjoy!


Whether you are staying a couple hours for a holiday party, or a couple weeks bunking with mom and dad your hostesses deserve some major love this holiday season.


Getting a hostess exactly what they want, (more ways to host!) is an easy thing to check off your list. Grab them a set of the best holiday party invites or a gift card for future party throwing fun.


These Kate Spade salad tongs are not only gorgeous, but also wonderfully witty. The spoon says, “turn over a new leaf!” Ha!


Having pretty turkish towels is a hostess’s dream. Grab a few favorite colors to wrap up and thank the weekend host for letting you shower, wrap, and be right in the middle of their Christmas this year.


A light box for your favorite hostess to share all her holiday, or otherwise random quips with guests.


This might sound like the most random gift on this list, but you have to trust me on it. I saw a freind recently use this pineapple de-corer and it was AMAZING! For a hostess who likes pineapples, it will literally change their life – for under $10! Gift it with a batch of homemade pineapple ice cream and you will be thanked for years to come.


A knitting kit so she will be styled for every party that comes her way! Hostessing is exhausting. I love the idea of gifting your favorite hostess, teacher, or co-worker with a DIY knitting kit. It’s the perfect encouragement for a quiet night in and something just for them.


Custom art prints of your favorite cities. Share a custom print of their city, or yours – an awesome gift for a hostess you visit from out of town. We have a couple of these hanging at our house as a way to remember our favorite places.


Your BFF’s deserve only the best. From your mom who you talk to everyday, to your girlfriends who binged the entire new series of Gilmore Girls with you. Getting through life without your girls would be impossible. Let them know how valuable they are by picking out a gift that will mean the world to them.


A sketch print of Prague. A pretty piece to hang in the house now and a promise for a girl’s trip to come one day.


A new favorite lipstick shade! These colors are gorgeous and the holders make pulling a touch-up from your purse something of an art show.


A personal stylist… I love the idea of gifting 1,3, or 6 months of Stitch Fix to your favorite girls. It’s a personal stylist in the mail! Your favorite leading lady will adore the service.


Gifting any BFF this cactus light is an obvious win. It’s quirky, fun and exactly the note that will liven up her room post holiday take-down.


A sticker subscription. Gift your favorite friends a happy box filled with stickers, tapes and colorful fun every month. Happy mail! For updating calendars, to scrapbooking, to just making them the coolest mom in town these fun sticker packs will be greatly loved.


Kids can often be the easiest to buy for. They make their lists and circle the Target catalog that comes in the mail… but why not get them something special that you know they will treasure long after the plastic gifts are tossed in the corner.


unicorn headband that is part dress up and part heirloom. A gift your daughter will put on once and never take off.

Every year we get the kids a photo gift. This year it’s the half & half picture pad by Pinhole Press. You personalize the photos and the kids draw in half of the page, an instant win.


A gorgeous art print, to introduce your littles to the world of design and good taste.


Alpaca Christmas pajamas! The best part is you can get the entire family a matching Christmas set.


Okay, truth be told this one is pastic… but it is also A ROBOT! Both my kids are hoping for a Robot Kitty & Rrobot Doggie for Christmas. They are toys with a brain that I imagine will keep them busy for months.


Fun socks for the stocking win. They will love wearing the silly faces and floppy ears to lighten up their first day back at school.


We always get the kids a book and this year’s choice is, Flora and the Flamingo. An adorable story about fitting in and finding your place in life.


Your guy, the one who rescues you daily, who cares for all the things you care about, who is with you… Get him something special this year that he will love.


You’re Saying It Wrong, a hilarious book that tells you how to pronounce a bunch of words you say wrong. So he can gloat a little longer in his oh-so perfect grammar.


When Matt changed jobs this year he had a pair of Happy Socks on. One of the guys interviewing him said he saw the fun socks peek out of his suit pants and instantly knew he was the right guy for the job. So to say that your guy’s socks aren’t important is obviously an understatement. Set him up for success and a bit of fun with these seeing stars Happy Socks.


A good friend sent me the link to this Whiskey Advent Calendar, because she knows me well. ;) Although Advent has already started, I don’t think any guy would be sad to enjoy this gift well into the new year. It’s a tasters dream & there’s a Gin one too!


For small projects around the house – wood burning (like signing your own guitar), or fixing electrical issues this Dremel Maker Kit is a great way to update his (or your) tool chest with something new for fixing all the things.


Let him blast the records for the whole house to hear with a wood speaker that looks as perfect as it sounds.


And last but not least, for the guy who wrestles with his kids every night – a story starter poster to hang in his office, since the kid’s artwork and sweet photos are really all he wants.

PS. A few other favorite gifts… soup delivery, a cactus, napkinsa yarn teepee & 50 great DIY gift ideas!

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