Since it is getting warmer and brighter this time of year, it’s the perfect time of to add a dose of color to everything in life – including the fonts we use! Here is a free selection of 25 favorite fonts that look great with a new coat of paint. Download them for free and add in your favorite colors to brighten up invitations, notes and writing this summer.


25 Free Colorful Fonts

Download these free colorful fonts here:

1. Parish, by George Williams | 2. Intro, by FontFabric | 3. Always in My Heart, by ByTheButterfly | 4. Silverfake, by Alexey Frolov | 5. Archivo Narrow, by Omnibus Type | 6. Arsenale White, by zetafonts | 7. Trocchi, by New Typography | 8. DK Kusukusu, by David Kerkhoff | 9. Courier New, by Adrian Frutiger | 10. Fradley, by Roger White  | 11. Impact | 12. Freebooter Script, by Apostrophic Labs | 13. Grand Hotel, by Astigmatic | 14. Arvil, by Ben Dalrymple | 15. Desyrel, by Apostrophic Labs | 16. Cac Champagne, by American Greetings | 17. Marmellata, by Fonts Cafe | 18. Myriad Pro, by Robert Slimbach | 19. Blanch, by Atipus | 20. Gabriela, by Eduardo Tunni  | 21. Dubiel, by David Rakowski | 22. Weston, by ZKA | 23. English Essay, by Brittney Murphy | 24. Amatic, by Vernon Adams | 25. Freestyle Script, by Martin Wait.

I’m excited to annoounce the release of my new favorite colorful font Brightside! It’s nearly free and obviously perfect for all our design projects.

PS. See Brightside & all our favorite font selections here.

Graphic created by Alli of Hooray, for A Subtle Revelry.