It is the season for everything lovely.

To celebrate all the card writing and googly eye celebrating that will be coming up soon, I’ve compiled a list of twenty-five of my favorite free romantic font.

Download via the links below to make all your love letters unwittingly nice this year.

Is this for a business? Laws can be tricky when you’re using fonts for business purposes.

To stay safe, I recommend going with one of these great fonts from font bundles. *And psst aspiring bloggers, I have a free ebook about how to make your first 1k with your blog! Get it here!

25 Lovely and Romantic Fons

25 romantic fonts
  1. Clipper Script, by Måns Grebäck |
  2. Daun Penh |
  3. Cac Champagne, by American Greetings |
  4. Nautik, by Henning Skibbe |
  5. Sail, by Latinotype |
  6. Learning Curve, by Blue Vinyl Fonts |
  7. Parisienne, by Astigmatic One Eye |
  8. Bodoni MT Condensed, by Monotype Type Drawing Office |
  9. Sachiko, by Lauren Thompson (credit Staley source) |
  10. Lobster Two, by Pablo Impallari |
  11. Ever After, by Michael A. Hernandez |
  12. Brannboll, by Måns Grebäck |
  13. Castro Script, by Måns Grebäck |
  14. Swis 721 Outline, by Max Miedinger |
  15. Little Days, by West Wind Fonts |
  16. Italic C |
  17. Courier New, by Adrian Frutiger |
  18. Frykas Light*, by Baobaby Studio |
  19. Jellyka Bees Antique, by Jellyka Nerevan |
  20. Little Lord Fontleroy, by Nick’s Fonts |
  21. Complex, by Qbotype |
  22. Roman D |
  23. Euro Roman |
  24. Burgues Script*, by Alejandro Paul |
  25. (Title) Matilde, by Typedepot

I’m so excited to share one of my favorite romantic fonts ever is now on sale!

Olivia Script is gorgeous to look and will make anything from a love letter to a wedding invitation feel more complete.

Olivia Script

Graphic did in collaboration with Alli Michelle.

P.S. More favorite fonts right here and a festive emoji cheat sheet too.