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25 Free Romantic Fonts For Different Occasions

Writing a letter, a card, or a note for someone you love is one of the most beautiful ways to express your feelings. And although what you say in your letter matters the most, using proper romantic fonts to convey your message can be equality important.

However, finding the right font can be a tedious task. With hundreds of thousands of fonts available online, picking the right one can take hours of your time.

So, to celebrate all the card writing and googly eye celebrating you might do this year, I’ve compiled a list of 25 free romantic fonts you can use for different occasions.

Download via the links below to make all your love letters unwittingly nice this year.

1. Segatha

Phitagate free romantic fontI would like to start off with one of the most professional free fonts on my list. Segatha is a cursive script created by Ef Studio. You can use this font every time you want to simulate a handwriting, express your romantic feelings, or create a perfect thank you note.

2. Alokary


Alokary is a modern, easily readable sans script by Hishand-Studio. This free font is best used for grabbing attention, and should be applied to short notes and large headlines.

3. Affectionately Yours


Affectionately Yours by Misti’s Fonts is another, although less serious free cursive font.  If you don’t want to be too formal, or you would like to have an easily readable cursive font, look no further than Affectionately Yours.

4. Diana Crush


Diana Crush is another one of my favorite fonts on this list. Attype-Studio created this artistic free font that automatically ends words with hearts, making it the best possible option for replacing your signature.

5. Backstreet


Created by Letterara, Backstreet is probably one of the most modern cursive fonts on my list. I often use this font to communicate with younger generations or when I don’t want to be taken too seriously.

6. Rotterland


Rotterland by Motokiwo is a cross between cursive and print scripts. It is best used when you want to achieve good readability but still add the personal touch to your note.

7. Pinyon Script


Pinyon Script is a free font created by Nicole Fally to simulate a perfect handwriting. It is easily readable, compact font that should be used for long love letters.

8. Delight Crush


Delight Crush by Attype-Studio is a perfect font for short messages, launch notes, and other similar cards with short content. The font automatically adds hears around your letters without making your sentences too cluttered.

9. Casablanca Noir


Casablanca Noir by Billy Argel is a bold, condensed, free romantic font, created for short letters, gift cards, and special occasions. It is created to simulate old pens used in calligraphy.

10. Geraldine


Geraldine is another masterpiece created by Billy Argel. This free romantic font will turn your first letters into real works of art, instantly grabbing reader’s attention.

11. Lovelace Script


Lovelace Script is another cross between cursive and print scripts. This amazing free font is created by Zeta Fonts, is certainly give your letters a personal touch.

12. Fireplace


If you ever wanted to find a perfect font for your holiday cards, look no further. Fireplace is one of the most beautiful decorative fonts on my lists. I encourage you to try this one next time you need to write a card for your loved ones.

13. Vanilla


Vanilla by Ibey Design is another lovely romantic font on my lists. This handwritten font is perfect for your short messages, notes, and signatures.

14. Wonderful Night


Wonderful Night is Billy Argel’s rendition of a holiday font. Although more condense than his other fonts, Wonderful Night is still easily readable script, even in longer texts. If you are searching a more serious version of the Fireplace font, this is a great option for you.

15. Austhind


Austhind by String Labs is a free font made to simulate the brush strokes. It is best used for large headlines, short messages, and places where you need to use really saturated colours.

16. Soothing


Soothing by Twin Letter is designated as the signature font. It is made to help you add a personal touch to your romantic letters, stylize your signature, or write really short notes to those you love.

17. Angelissa


Angelissa is a modern, romantic print script created by Brandsemut. This romantic font will certainly give a personal touch to anything you write, without it being confusing or hard to read.

18. Anttariksa


Anttariksa is another brush stroke simulating font on my list created by String Labs. Unlike their previous work, Anttariksa is less rigid and more like a handwriting. This is a font with character and possibly one of the most realistic handwriting fonts I came across.

19. Walkester


Ninetieth place goes to Walkester, another great font from Brandsemut. This print script resembles old romantic magazine fonts and is great for longer texts where readability is the key.

20. Stay In Villa


Stay In Villa by Scartchones is the only font on my list that simulates the trace left by markers on a thick paper. This font is made for quick “I love you” notes and greeting cards.

21. Brunella


Brunella is a romantic cursive font crated by Ribeth Studio. It is a perfect option when you are trying to simulate fast writing or the lace of time.

22. Ameliya


Ameliya by String Labs is a fun and romantic font created for those how are just falling in love. This free romantic font is can be used for all kinds of messages, and is one of my favorite fonts on the list.

23. Nesia Sans


Nesia Sans is a round print script best used for common messages with no deeper meaning. You can use this easy to read romantic font in both every day communication as well as special occasions.

24. Smiling Dreamer


Smiling Dreamer by Seemly Fonts is another free romantic font belonging to a print script. This font is condense but easy to read. Smiling Dreamer is upper case dominant, and it is best if you use it for short messages or headlines.

25. Phitagate


Last on my list is the Phitagate font by Ronny Studio. This romantic font simulates those thin ball-point pens, thus conveying elegance witch each character. Out of all fonts on my list, Phitagate is the one I use the most.

Romantic fonts – in conclusion

I hope you like at least some of my favorite free romantic fonts. If you weren’t able to find the exact font you were looking for, I also wrote a post about 45 Free Script Fonts you can check out.


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    • Hey Sophie! The ones that are not showing up free to purchase should all be loaded into the font library on your computer. We included some that come free in your library, but actually cost if you were to purchase them. Hope that makes sense. Check your font library:) Thanks!

      • Hi there – thanks for this great collection! I have just started making my wedding invitations so the timing was perfect. I am very new to all of this and I saw in a previous comment that some of these fonts look like you have to pay for them but they are available for free in a font library. Ummmm….what is a font library? Do I have one? Where would I find one? Ha, so new to all of this. Thanks so much!

  1. Forgive me if already noted, but what typeface is used for the names of each below the sample text on the graphic? Thanks!

  2. hi there! thanks for the great list! just curious if the link for complex is correct. it takes me to a different looking typeface…

  3. I may be looking wrong but id really like Brannboll however it seems to be $5, I looked in my font libary it isnt there. Any help would be great THANKS :)

  4. Hi! Love these fonts, such a great collection.
    I’m trying to find Frykas Light for free, but it’s only taking me to a website to buy them. I’ve also checked, but they’re not in my font library.

    Any help would be much appreciated!
    Thanks so much. xx

  5. Wow, fantastic fonts! The way you organized them only does to enhance their beauty! Thanks so much for sharing them with font fanatics like us! I found them on pinterest.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing these! I’m always on the lookout for some pretty new fonts to keep things fresh! These are all beautiful and I can’t wait to use them!

    xo jen

  7. Is there a way for you to put up the web use links for these fonts? If you don’t mind, I’d like to use some of these fonts for my website that I have to make for class. If that’s way too much trouble, am I allowed to throw them through a font generator online for css use? I don’t know if there’s any permissions problems attached to these but I really like them!


    • Sorry, to clarify: I was curious to know the sub-font you used under all the “Romantic Fonts” to denote the main font name. Really like it!

  8. It is very hard to find a collection of great fonts and put it all together, so kudos on that ! Also thank you very much. Im definatly re-pinning this :)

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