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25 more great fonts for parties

It’s that time of year again, when the weather cools down and I start dreaming of all the holiday projects to come. It is my favorite season of the year – parties to throw, cards to write, and a million reasons to use a new font. We’ve updated our first party font collection for a second round this year! 25 new and improved free fonts to use for parties, invitations, Christmas cards, and more. I’ve already put Canter to use on a holiday project I’m so eager to share.

Is this for a business? Laws can be tricky when you’re using fonts for business purposes. To stay safe, I recommend going with one of these great fonts from font bundles. *And psst aspiring bloggers, I have a free ebook about how to make your first 1k with your blog! Get it here!


25 (More) Great Party Fonts:

1. Prophecy, by Tension Type | 2. Brassie, by Ruan Welch | 3. Kenzo, by Frank Hemmekam | 4. Brandy, by Rick Mueller | 5. Sofia, by Latinotype | 6. Baron Neue, by Frank Hemmekam | 7. Saniretro, by Grandchaos | 8. Signerica, by Mans Greback | 9. Serious Sally, by Joebob | 10. Zabatana, by Defharo | 11. Marte, by Paulo R | 12. Gutsy, by Makhdoomi | 13. Orator, by unknown| 14. Canter, by Christopher J Lee | 15. Vince Hand, by Joebob | 16. Halo Handletter, by Mario Arturo | 17. Banda, by unknown | 18. Ontwerp, by Emraan Mayow | 19. Japan, by Mario Arturo | 20. True Love, by Davelab | 21. Chelsea, by Nathan Thomson | 22. Muro, by Joan Alegret | 23. Elegant Ink, by Adazing Design | 24. Nexa Slab, by unknown | 25. (with title) Courier, by unknown

Graphic created by Alli of Hooray, for A Subtle Revelry.


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