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27 Fun Ways to Give Slime Party Favors

Inside: 27 fun ways to give slime party favors.

Do your kiddos love slime as much as mine? We love a good slime recipe over here. We love it so much that most of our birthday parties have included some type of slime element in the past couple of months. And although I love a good slime recipe, I don’t always love 10-12 kids playing with slime all at once in my home. So I thought how can I make everyone happy? My answer, slime party favors! See 27 of the best ways to give slime party favors!

27 slime party favorsFun Slime Party Favors

Fishbowl Slime: These individual fishbowl slimes are a fun way to give slime as a party favor plus its SO CUTE!

Toothpaste Slime: This rainbow toothpaste slime is minty fresh and a great slime for all your party guest!

Magnet Slime: I love this interactive and fun slime party favor!

Gummy Bear Slime: This edible gummy bear slime is the tastiest slime recipe!

DIY Floam: This floam slime is perfect for squishing and playing, and def one of my favorites!

Fluffy Slime: We put our fluffy slime in these cute plastic eggs, they make the perfect container for party favors!

Butter Slime: I love this slime recipe, and it is one of the best recipes for slime!

Chocolate Slime: Yes, CHOCOLATE SLIME. There are two important components to a party favor. Yummy and Fun and this slime recipe are exactly those two things!

Birthday Cake Slime: I mean what better slime for a party than birthday cake slime!

Starburst Slime: This sweet party favor is sweet and colorful!

Kinetic Slime: This is a fun party favor that all the kiddos with LOVE!

27 ways to give slime party favorsGirly Slime Party Favors

Personal Slime Kit: Avoid the mess at your home and send the DIY slime kit home with all your party guest!

Princess Slime: Add a little glitter to your next princess party with this fun and slime favor. Plus these plastic containers are the perfect size to send your slime home in!

Edible Unicorn Slime: Three great words. Edible. Unicorn. Slime. Can you say YUM?

Slime Bubble Gum: This slime is perfect for making fun slime bubbles! The girls will love it, guaranteed!

Beauty & The Beast: I love this slime, its perfect for any princess party!

Cotton Candy Slime: This is the perfect slime party favor for a carnival-themed party!

Unicorn Slime Jars: Hosting a Unicorn birthday party? Add your favorite slime to these adorable unicorn slime jars! They are so CUTE!

slime party favors

Boy Slime Party Favors

Bug Inspired: This green slime is a fun and creepy bug inspired slime party favor!

Glow in the Dark: This glow in the dark slime is the perfect party favor for a laser tag themed party!

Booger Slime: This party favor slime is one snotty idea!

Alien Slime: I love this extra-terrestrial inspired slime. It’s fun and creepy just the perfect combo for boys!

Super Hero Slime: BAM! POW! SLAM! This is one of my favorite slime favor!

Pirate Party: This buried treasure slime is perfect for any pirate party!

Heat Slime: This heat sensitive color changing slime is the perfect interactive slime that the boy will love!

Galaxy Slime: This galaxy slime is for the boy. Astronauts and meteors are what it’s all about!

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