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3 Home Office Hacks

3 At Home Studio Hacks

We will be sharing the full studio tour later this week! I can’t wait to show you. Working from home has always been a priority to me (even before I had a dedicated studio). The bright and large studio space was one of the specific deciding factors in our home purchase last year and it has been so worth it!

Working from home is not for everyone, but for our little team it has been perfection this year. One of the ways we make it work is to have creative solutions for our craft storage and photo studio needs. We’ve come up with many different at home studio hacks over the years, but these three are my favorites right now. For those of us who aspire to work from home one day or even just take fun photos of crafting and life… these options can make it practically work in a pretty way.

3 At Home Studio Hacks

Paper backdrop storage. We use this backdrop set-up for many of the photo shoots on the blog and having pretty colored paper to hang has become a huge part of our branding and style. But storing all those large rolls of photo paper is nuts. So we made a paper storage solution. It works just as well for storing wrapping paper in a home craft room!

Photo paper storage

Paper Rolling Storage

To make a similar rolling paper storage solution you will need:


3 At Home Studio Hacks

We grabbed this rolling storage box for our project. You could also use any sort of wooden crate.

1. Measure out how many dowels you want to have, their spacing (with the cart turned upside down), mark the spots.

2. Drill a pilot hole first on the spot and then line up the dowel and screw into place.

3. Place the paper rolls inside for a sturdy and confined storage of all those pretty papers.

DIY hanging backdrop system

And since we often end up having more than one photo set up at a time, I wanted to find a solution for hanging papers, garlands and other things. We created a hanging pulley system using this curtain hanger from Ikea. It’s a fun way to have a backdrop area ready and blends into the ceiling when not in use. This works so amazing for our studio! It would also be a fun update for a kid’s playroom, or anywhere that photo taking is something fun to do.

DIY hanging backdrop system

Ceiling Backdrop Hanger

To make this ceiling hanger you will need:


DIY hanging backdrop system

1. Hang the photo hanger per instructions into the ceiling. Be sure to allow a little give on the wire hanger or else the clips will continually be falling off.

2. Whenever you are ready for photos just hang a length of wrapping paper (my favorite textured backdrop to use) and shoot your heart out!

3 At Home Studio Hacks

One of the biggest jobs of keeping an at home studio (or craft room, or play room, or any room) looking great is the need for pretty storage solutions. While we used shelving, a closet and bins in other parts of the room – for one section I grabbed a colorful tool chest. It has become the most used storage spot of the entire room. It has a great top for a mini-bar which we obviously need in the studio and the drawers are the perfect sizes for storing all our daily crafting supplies. Everything from scissors (in the top), to paper (in the second drawer), to bigger things like our cutting machines in the bottom.

3 At Home Studio Hacks

Finding a storage solution that works so perfectly for our crafting needs has made every day easier.

3 At Home Studio Hacks

Have you developed any genius storage or at home studio hacks? I’d love to hear about them. More photos and a full studio tour coming up Thursday!

PS. Create a DIY photo studio at home.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ashlyn Savannah Photo).

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