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3 refreshing summer float recipes

Pre-frezze ice cream in dixie cups for easy to make summer floats.

With warm days ahead, we have been running to ice cream every chance we can. Although, I love Popsicles – there is something a special about an ice cream float. The extra step it takes to layer the ice cream, with a sweet drink, makes any day feel special.

To make your own day even better with an ice cream float, try out one of our 3 creative float flavors. We’ve been drinking this adult version for some time and have now added these fun flavors to our rotation. They are each amazingly refreshing for summer.

3 favorite summer float recipes

Pre-freeze ice cream for easy to make summer floats

For a fun twist on summer dessert, set out a float bar. Use Dixie cups for smaller serving sizes and be sure to keep a stash of long handled spoons on hand. Fill the cups with the ice cream beforehand and freeze until ready. When freezing the ice cream in the smaller cups, only use 1 scoop of ice cream (pushed to one side) so the soda has the opportunity to get in and around the ice cream.

Bring the ice cream cups out on a tray and let each guest add their own bubbly for a spectacular dessert that will keep everyone cool and happy. The combinations are endless – here are my favorite three.

Strawberry Cream - Ice cream float

1) Sweet strawberry cream!

Mix the best strawberry ice cream you can afford (the kind with bits of real strawberry inside) with a cup of 7-Up, or champagne. The result is sweet, fresh, and reminiscent of my mom’s most prized strawberry cream summer pie.

Mint Chocolate - Ice cream float

2) Mint twist

We are all familiar with the awesomeness of a root beer float. Traditional. Excellent. But not quite as awesome as it is when you add mint to the picture. Combine a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream with root beer for a taste that is even better than you remember.

Orange Creamsicle - Ice Cream Float

3) Orange Creamsicle

What do you get when you mix orange soda with pure, creamy vanilla ice cream? Only the most classic taste of summer! A creamsicle in float form is always a raging success with my crew.

Ice Cream Floats

Our favorite summer floats are just waiting to be enjoyed at your next party or lounge filled dinner outdoors. With the pre-freezing the desserts are a cinch to make, and will have everyone tasting… just one more.

Do you have a favorite float flavor? I am going to keep trying out different combo’s all summer long!


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  1. Your champagne and strawberry float sounds good, although I might go for raspberry ice cream instead. For fruit and champagne only raspberries and blackberries will do! Thanks for sharing!

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