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3 ways to brighten up a side table

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When I think through the ways to brighten up a room – a big bowl of ice cream seems about the best idea around! I mean, who could argue with that?!?!?!? Having the right side table can make all the difference when preparing a space for a party, or just trying to brighten up your everyday.

I love having a bright house that looks lived in, but not too overdone. The way to achieve this look is to focus on simplicity and details. Instead of painting an entire wall hot pink, I make sure there are a couple bright details set upon more neutral colors. This ensures the space really pops, without being blindingly bright. Over the years I’ve learned three easy tricks for making this happen.



The first trick is for hosting a party at home. Everyone focuses on a large table for desserts or the meal, but I’ve begun placing party elements throughout the room utilizing my side tables and even shelves. Not just for random extra confetti either, but for larger party elements – like plates of appetizers or a huge bowl of ice cream! Decentralizing the party this way helps guests to move around the space easier. They end up sitting throughout the room, instead of all hunching over the chip bowl at once. It makes people feel more at home and allows me, as the party host, to direct where I want guests lingering throughout the house.

And having an element that makes a huge statement like a gigantic bowl of ice cream doesn’t hurt either. Turn any bowl into an ice cream server by adding a layer of tin foil to the bowl and filling it with scoops.



For everyday use, my favorite way to brighten up my Target side-tables is by adding colorful books. Unlike a coffee table where you’d be looking down on the book covers, with a side table you see mostly spines. So many books (including mine) have brightly covered spines that lend to a gorgeously bright detail when stacked together. Top with a green plant and colorful candle for a reading nook you’ll never want to leave.


The last side table trick I’ve been using so often lately, is to turn a side table into a plant stand. My love for big green leafy plants has been growing, but budget wise, I often need to start with them on the smaller side. Give the plants more oomph in a room by placing the pot on a side table.

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