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35 Colorful Back to School Supplies

Back to school time has never been more fun! This year we’re breaking the mold and tossing those plain-jane #2 pencils and black & white composition notebooks and switching them out for all of the bright, colorful back to school supplies.

We gathered up a mix of bright DIY projects so you can personalize this year’s school supplies and also found some of the most colorful products on the shelves. From backpacks to binders, and everything in between and we are so excited to bring you this list of 35 favorite colorful back to school supplies!

We thought it would be fun to organize the supplies by categories, so there’s something for everyone! It was obvious how we should start…I mean, who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? So if you’re like us, and you do, these picks are just for you:

A strawberry mouse makes me want to  research all the things!

These Neon Jelly Donut Pens are just about the most scrumptious little writing utensil we could find. Plus, not only are they adorable, they’re neon, which makes for happy writing!

Yoobi’s got it going on this school year with some super fun items in the sugar section. Our top 3 picks are their Ice Cream ErasersSweet Treats Sharpener & Eraser Duo, and Donut Tape Dispenser With Frosting Stickers. I can see that you’re catching onto our obsession with sweet treats…it’s ok, it’s not really a secret ;)

Don’t be afraid to DIY this year if regular #2 pencils just aren’t making the cut. Craft it up with these DIY Confetti Pencils. Or, if glitter is more your style, check out this tutorial on How To DIY Glitter Pencils. In just a couple easy steps, you can take your pencils from boring to beautiful.

If you’re a unicorn enthusiast, we found some unicorn back to school supplies just for you. These Unicorn Scissors are gold plated and only 4″ long, so they’re nice and compact. The kids will love showing them off during arts & crafts time at school!

Store all your writing utensils in style with this handmade Cute Unicorn Pencil Pouch.

If you’re feeling fancy, these DIY Unicorn Notebooks will add that extra special flair to any old subject. Simple to make and totally up to you which color combos you choose!

If the cactus craze has you feeling all the heart eyes, these colorful back to school supplies will make you swoon! What’s cuter than little mini Prickly Pals Cactus Erasers? We sure can’t think of anything.

Snatch up some of these Cactus Paperclips to keep all those worksheets tidy.

And for some desert-inspo, grab a couple Flowering Cactus Pencil Pouches to keep the pens and pencils all in one spot. We also really love the palm trees and desert landscapes pouches too!

You know we have a soft spot for color; check out these colorful creations! We can’t even pick a favorite, so instead, we’ll let you decide…

Jumbo Brights: Neon Colored Pencils are “perfectly sized for little artists’ hands” and can be used for coloring, highlighting, or making note-taking more fun!

Make homework something the kids look forward to with this bright Floral Clipboard. Let them sit down on the couch or lay on the floor with their worksheets clipped to the hard surface and get to learning right at home!

To create a highlighter that’ll rival the brightness of the rest, check out the DIY Rainbow Highlighter tutorial. After watching this, we can’t imagine ever using a single-colored highlighter again.

Talk about color…Kid Made Modern Double Point Crazy Crayons (say that 10 times fast!) melts the rainbow right into your hand. With every stroke there’s a pop of color to be enjoyed by big kids and little kids alike.

Calling all fellow foodies…the following school supplies have not been taste-tested but are totally approved for the upcoming school year.

The POPAND Pom Pom Pouch comes in four fruity styles, and has an adorable little pom pom zipper.

If you’d rather make your own pencil holder, this French Fry Pencil Holder will have you wishing every day was Fryday.

Don’t let a dull pencil ruin your day, sharpen them up with these DIY Plastic Food Pencil Sharpeners! They use plastic food toys, so you can decide on pizza vs. pretzel or cupcake vs. ice cream cone. So fun and really easy to make with just a simple cut-out. Or, if you’re looking for something to do with an empty Tic Tac container, check out the DIY Pineapple Pencil Sharpener video. It also features cell phone and notebook paper styles, but we definitely think the pineapple is the cutest.

Drop the square stickys and go for something festive! These Animal Sticky Notes should do the trick. They come in multiple shapes and sizes, are pastel colored, and the designs feature confetti, garland, stripes, and polka dots, in addition to the little animals. So stinkin’ cute!

Happy Moments Notebooks feature flamingos, llamas, foxes, cats, raccoons, bears, and tigers, oh my! There’s no way we can pick just one, so the only solution is to scoop up one of each. Sometimes less isn’t more; in this case, more is definitely more :)

Paperclips have never been more whimsical. May we suggest Gold Tassel Paperclips for those who are fancy, or for something more sporty, opt for the Bicycle Paper Clips. We love all both styles, so make it your own!

Why use a standard bookmark when you can design your own little Corner Bookmark Collection? The video shows you how to make a variety of designs including cupcake, ice cream, bunny, and bear just to name a few. The DIY Handmade Bookmarks here are also a fun way to show off your style with different colored yarn & twine. But, what makes these most special are the beautiful paper backgrounds. They’re super versatile and leave lots of room for creativity!

Who doesn’t love some free printables? We were really excited to find these Printable Back to School Notebook Stickers. They’re the perfect way to dress up any old notebook and can be used with or without some additional doodles. If you’re down to whip out the paint and get real serious about notebook decor, the Marbled Paper + Notebooks here are so unique. Making the marbled paper is pretty involved–definitely not a school night project, but so worth spending a leisurely Saturday afternoon. Using cotton paper and acrylic paint, the swirls of color are truly gorgeous and one of a kind.

All of these back to school supplies have to go somewhere, so we made a list of our 4 favorite colorful carryalls that’ll not only do the job but will keep your kiddos standing out from the rest!

For a pop of pink, pick up a Canvas Block Print Day Pack. The backpack can be monogrammed for an additional fee, which adds a nice personalized touch. If you’re more into mustard & mint, this Adventure Backpack is the colorful choice to liven up any school day. And if you’re a firm believer that the more color the merrier, the Lighten Up Just Right Backpack in pop art is sure to satisfy.

With so many lunchbox choices featuring the latest movie and TV shows, we went with a simple and timeless design, in our favorite color…you guessed it, pink! They also make this Cute Lunchbox in blue and green, but pink was the obvious choice for us. Besides being adorable, these lunchboxes are leak-proof, thermal insulated, and made of sturdy stainless steel. They’re also dishwasher safe which makes for an easy clean-up at the end of the day.

I want all of these colorful back to school supplies. I hope that these bright and shiny, cute and colorful finds make you oh so happy! Have you bought all your supplies yet?

PS. These back to school balloons are still easily my favorite!

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