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3D Bright Paper Stars

These 3D paper stars are my absolute favorite! They look amazing hanging as a garland (the backdrop to our party). They make sweets shine when bunched together and stuck into a cake. The stars are a great way to give any outdoor space a festive punch of color this season.

How to make 3d paper starsThere is something about colorful stars that seem downright magical in the summer – and not just the red, white and blue variety. While prepping for our first party of the season, I knew I wanted to include a small galaxy of festively bright stars.

3D bright paper stars


 paper stars

3D paper stars

 Paper star cake decorations

3D stars

how to make paper stars

Here is how to make a 3D paper star

To make the 3D bright paper stars; you’ll need bright paper, scissors, a dish, ruler, and a pencil.

Start by making a circle – I found tracing a bowl to be the easiest way to get a perfect circle. We used three different size bowls to make these stars.

Next place a dot on the circle at the top. Measure the circle’s height and divide by two. Then begin measuring out that distance with a straight edge ruler around the circle and placing dots as you go.

For example, if your circle is 8 inches long – then the next dot will be placed 4 inches away from the first. Keep going around the circle, placing the dots as you go. Once all the dots are in place, draw a straight edge line between them, and cut along the line – you’ll now have a six point star.

3D bright paper stars

You only have to do this once! Now you have a star template you can use for tracing and cutting the other stars out. To make the paper stars 3D, you’ll need to fold in on the low points and fold out on the high points.

Use fishing line and hot glue to make a garland that looks like a bright and festive floating galaxy. Or attach a kitchen skewer to the top and bottom points to use the stars as cake toppers. String onto presents as wrapping details. You can even make a sweet mobile with these beauties.

paper star decorations

However the paper stars are used, they bring a festive punch to any space. From the Fourth of July, through early September I will be using my bright galaxy to make every evening pop with pretty summer color.

(Photography by Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry)

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  1. What do you mean by “to make the stars 3D you’ll need to fold in on the low points and out on the high points” ?
    I can’t see by your photos what you mean here and I am left with a very folded but really not 3D star. Help!

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