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48 Fun DIY Projects To Make Today

Inside: 48 Fun DIY Projects

Just in case you haven’t heard, I really like to make stuff. For me, there’s so much joy in creating. And it really doesn’t even matter what kind of project it is, I love the whole process of being inspired, finding something I want to make, and figuring out how to do it.

In the spirit of that, I came up with a list of 48 Fun DIY Projects & ideas. I’m sure you’ll find something here that you just can’t wait to create too…

The most fun DIY projects

Home Decor DIY Projects

Home decor is something I’m always thinking about. How can I make the place we live in more comfortable, cozy, and happy? A little bit of decor goes a long way and I am totally inspired by these home decor projects.

Fun DIY Projects

Rainbow Wall Art: This is what I mean by “happy.” Doesn’t it just make you smile?

Pom Pom Pillow: Because pom poms are life right now and there’s nothing that will convince me otherwise!

Rope Throw Basket: Perfect place to toss all the blankets for optimal storage, this such a simple and fun DIY project!

Cute DIY Projects

Vibrant Rainbow Thread Wreath: This wall hanging is a great wreath alternative for a mantel or door.

Modern Dreamcatcher DIY: Super cute for a home office!

The best DIY projects

Circus Animal Cookie Pillows: I’m a big fan of the real deal and these pillows are just as sweet, definitely one of my favorite fun DIY projects!

Chicken Wire Pocket Wall Planter: Love this farmhouse style that brings the greenery indoors.

DIY Rope Ottomans: Prop up those feet in style. These guys would be great on the patio too.

DIY Projects for your home

Colorful DIY Fabric Wall Hanging: It’s colorful and abstract and great to add some bright vibes to any room in the house.

Upcycled Denim Rag Rug: Never let a beloved pair of jeans go to waste; upcycle them into this nifty lil’ rug!

Colorful Wall Art with Foam: What a fun DIY project to try that can be modeled after any design you choose!

DIY Projects

Lightbulb Terrariums: More plant love in the form of little teeny tiny terrariums inside of a lightbulb. Too cute!

Home Improvement DIY Projects

Update, remodel, renovate…these are words that excite the heck out of me! There are always so many things on my list of home improvement plans and these fun DIY projects are about to be added ;)

Buffalo Plaid Painting: Such a fun design for a wall that’s unlike all the others.

Outdoor Cabana Lounge: Asking my hubby if we can get one of these ASAP so it’s ready in time for summer lounging by the pool!

DIY Coffee Mug Shelf: Give me allll the caffeine! With a mug shelf, I can grab a cup any time of day.

DIY projects for outdoors

Monogram Planter: Love the look of this planter for a pretty and fresh look on the front porch.

Wooden Peg Board Wall: Such a great home-office hack for keeping organized.

Backyard Splash Pad: My kids would lose their minds if we built one of these into our backyard. Such a unique idea!

Creative DIY projects

DVD Mosaic High Gloss Resin Tray: It makes me thrilled when style and purpose collide. This tray is rainbow-y beautiful and also great for storing the TV remote, a good book, and anything else you might want to keep on hand in the living room.

DIY Bathtub Caddy: Genius idea for some “me time,” this caddy is my idea of home improvement for sure!

DIY Projects for the Kitchen

It’s one of my favorite places in the house and where we spend a lot of time as a family. These DIYs are great to liven up the kitchen for happy gatherings and good times!

Pom Pom Napkin Rings: Again with the pom poms…I mean, can you blame me? These are so fun!

Confetti Wine Glasses: Because a glass of wine is reason enough for celebration.

DIY Projects for him

Wood & Leather Wine Rack: Store your bottles at eye-level for easy selection and access any day of the week.

Wool Felt Coasters: These little wool balls bring color and flair to a plain wood tabletop.

Dinosaur Corn Cob Holders: Can’t wait to bust these out for a BBQ this summer.

DIY Ice Cream Fridge Magnets: Share the happy mail and school projects on the fridge with these sweet treat magnets.

Colorful DIY projects

DIY Fun Pun Cake Stand: Cake is my friend. And the saying on this cake stand is a sweet reminder that it’s always best to just eat the dang cake!

Gold Dipped Mugs: Coffee deserves gold, don’t you think?

Kid-Friendly DIY Projects

Foster creativity in the kids and get them in on these DIY projects. They’ll have a blast making something new and enjoying the fruits of their labor too!

Edible Starburst Slime: Slime is the hottest toy around it seems and this recipe for edible slime looks amazing! If you’ve got littler ones and would prefer they do more playing and less sugar ingesting, I’ve got a great recipe for safe slime here.

Cute fun DIY Projects

Kids Slime Bar: Or, if you can’t settle on a single slime recipe (I don’t blame you there are so many cool ones right now!), host a slime bar with tons of different options.

DIY Teepee: Let them help design their very own hideout. The sweetest little spot for reading, writing, drawing, and imagining!

DIY Projects for Kids

DIY Battleship Sweets Game: Battleship is a board game classic. But it’s way more fun to play with mini sweet treats!

Sidewalk Foam Paint: Sidewalk chalk just got a super cool upgrade with this neat DIY.

DIY Pillow Lounger: Head to the craft store with the kids in tow so they each can select their favorite fabric for a cozy pillow lounger that’s perfect for watching movies or snuggling up with a good book.

DIY Projects for the Fashion-Forward Girl

It’s not often that I make things just for me, so when I do, I like to find stuff that I really enjoy. These fun DIY projects are fashionable and all-around adorable, if you ask me!

DIY project purse

Mesh Clutch: I would have never thought to use mesh for a clutch, but here we are and it couldn’t be cuter!

No Sew Envelope Clutch: Another day, another clutch. Is it wrong that I feel the need for a different one for each day of the week?

DIY Sweatshirt Embroidery: Love that I can add some personalization to clothing I already own with just a little bit of needlework.

DIY necklace project

Colorful Tassel Necklace: Tassels are my jam and this colorful fun DIY project necklace is everything.

Scrunchies: Bringing back the 80s in style with some scrunchies I totally plan on wearing everywhere except the gym. You with me?

DIY Projects that Make Great Gifts

Cactus Jewelry Stand: Love the way necklaces hang on this display for a tangle-free solution to one of life’s prickliest problems…get it? ;)

Hidden Ring Bath Bombs: Bath bombs are all the rage right now in case you haven’t heard. And they’re even more fun with hidden surprises inside!

Marbled Clay Ring Dish: And to hold the surprise rings…this marbled dish will do just the trick.

Simple DIY projects

Mini Mountain Photo Holders: Cute metallic highlights for a creative photo display that’ll work on a desk, nightstand, or shelf. Pop in a few pics of you and your bestie for a sweet gift.

Clay Petal Planter: Craft up one of these fun DIY project planters next time you plan to give a friend flowers so they have something to hold onto once the blooms have wilted.

DIY jewelry project

DIY Figurine Trinket Dishes: Knickknacks need a home too! These trinket dishes will hold all the tiny things for safe-keeping.

DIY Plaster Gem Photo Holders: Make your own gemstones using plaster and ice molds. Then, turn them into fun DIY project photo holders by attaching colorful jewelry wire (preferably in pink!) to display the best shots.

DIY Photo Transfer to Wood: What a fun idea to craft an original sign or piece of art by transferring photos to wood. Make one for a friend and a matching one for you too!

the best DIY projects

Gemstone Soap: These soaps are so bright and vibrant! If you make up a big batch of these to hand out as gifts…plan for extras because they’re just too irresistible…I want one in every color!

Now that we’ve talked about all sorts of crafts, projects, and DIYs, it’s time to get to work! Which from this list of 48 Fun DIY Projects Ideas are you most excited to try? Share with me and let’s be merry in the making :)

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