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5 easy bathroom updates that will change your life


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kohler. All opinions are mine.

bright shower

We have 2 bathroom renovations on the books to accomplish this year, which can seem a little overwhelming to me at times. I’ve learned when taking on bigger home renovation projects like this to narrow it down to the elements that are most important to me.

Bathrooms and kitchens can be some of the most personal spaces in our house.

Here are 5 things I’m planning to include that will make our bathroom not just a place to take a shower, but a fun space that I will love. An inspiring beginning to the day that will jumpstart me into a calm and grateful mindset.

Whether you might be looking at a full renovation, or just a bit of an update for the new year – these elements can be incorporated to make our spaces exactly what we’ve always wanted them to be.

1. A spot for candles and flowers

Adding a shelf near the shower or tub can be an easy way to make a bathroom work better. I love having a candle nearby and fresh flowers can have a calming effect to enjoy when stepping out of the shower. Find an empty wall and add a shelf that is only for what you think is pretty.

2. Put in better light

We learned in the kitchen renovation how affordable it can be to add a window to a room, for under $500 you can flood your bathroom with gorgeous natural light. If that’s not in the budget, even adding in a wall mounted sconce can alter how the bathroom feels from a light perspective.


3. Adding artwork

I noticed a trend a few years ago to begin putting large form art in the shower/bath space. We recently tried this out and it makes the space feel much more warm and inviting. If you have a bathtub, hanging a piece of art above it can be inspiring – in a glass shower I love to be facing an inspiring piece of art – it is so much better than staring at the wall! Doing this update has made our out of date bathroom feel more a part of my own style and design even before we rip any plumbing out.

Kohler shower update

4. Customising the shower

Customising our shower in any form is perfect because we are making your shower exactly what we want it to be. I’ve been researching the Kohler Choreograph collection to use in one of our bathroom updates and I quickly fell in love. See more Kohler Choreograph shower spaces. The collection brings a smart sophistication to any showering space. There are many accessories you can add within the shower – Locker storage units, shower barre, seating, etc. You can choose and personalize everything, from full wall panels, accent panels and accessories because it is a complete showering system that makes it easier than ever to design, organize and create a shower space around you that is exactly what you’ve been dreaming of! I love the endless options to make the space one that will work for my family’s personal style and ideals of what a shower should be. Plan your shower with Kohler Choreograph Shower Planner.

kohler shower

5. Add in heat

We had a bathroom once that had a heated floor and it was literally the best thing ever! Although that update is not in our budget, there are plenty of ways to add a heated element to our space that are affordable and easy to do. A heated towel bar, an electric heater in the wall, or a heated bath mat will make our crazy winter weather feel less intrusive and make our bathroom a place to find warmth and relaxation – which at the end of the day, should be the goal of every bathroom if you think about it.

Kohler Choreograph

All photos via Kohler. 

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