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Fun Paper Bag Costume Ideas

Inside: How to make a fun paper bag costume!

Buying a pre-made costume for your little monster this Halloween sounds easy, but so are these fun paper bag costumes! The best part? You already have the materials in your kitchen.

Grab a paper grocery bag, some scissors and ask your trick-or-treater to help out. Before you know it, their costumes will be ready to wear. Make sure that any paper bag head coverings like the lion mask is breathable as well as nontoxic and then let the holiday begin!

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How to make a paper bag costume

Halloween Paper Bag Costume Ideas

This paper bag princess costume is sweet, simple and brings the famous book character to real life.

Fringe adds texture to this confetti owl costume and transforms an ordinary paper bag into an unrecognizable mask!

For an accent piece, try a paper floral crown to complete your little fairy’s Halloween costume.

Possibly the easiest costume you will ever make, these rabbits and sheep costumes will allow them to trick and treat in style.

This paper monster hat is the perfect creepy costume for your little monster.

Talk about a costume that is out of this world! This paper bag astronaut costume is truly magical and SO MUCH FUN!

I truly could not stop laughing at this funny paper puppet costume. It looks so simple and so cute! It is one of my favorite costume ideas!

Get your fishing poles ready, because this fisherman paper bag costume is the perfect Halloween DIY!

This costume is poppin’, check out this easy to make popcorn paper bag costume! 

These costume ideas are totally fun and colorful! These are some of my all-time favorite ideas!

The Easiest Way To make A Paper Bag Costume Mask

Here’s a few tricks we’ve learned for the easiest way to make a mask costume from a simple paper bag.

1. Turn the bag inside out.

Take any grocery store bag and gently turn it inside out for a clean slate to transform into any animal desired.

2. Start your eyes with an X

Easy way to cut out the eyes on your paper bag costume is by starting with an X for each eye hole and then round around it. Every paper bag mask needs eyes of some sort to ensure safety.

3. Cut out arm holes to fit your size.

Make the paper masks more comfortable for your pint size wearers by cutting arm holes in each side. A half circle where the shoulders will be allows the mask to fit fully on the kids for more dress up costume fun.

More Fun Halloween DIY Ideas

Let us know in the comments what your favorite DIY paper bag costume ideas is.

Do you love the ferocious lion, the out of this world astronaut, or the simple paper floral crown? We love so many that it would be hard to choose!

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