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5 Minute Colorful DIY Desk Organizer

I don’t know about you, but my heart does a little flutter when I get my hands on a set of new office supplies. No sense in stashing them away in drawers when you can make this DIY desk organizer in under 5 minutes to showcase all the new office things.

DIY Desk OrganizerAlthough getting new office supplies make me feel like I can accomplish anything, they can clutter up my workspace very fast. Especially that value pack of 60 colorful pens. It was not necessary, but totally worth it! ;)

Instead of stuffing those already filled drawers and cluttering up your workspace, show off the new prized supplies with this easy to make in under 5 minutes DIY desk organizer. It is colorfully inspiring, and better yet, functional!

Inspired by this modern black and white design, we decided to make a version that is a little easier in the DIY steps & stands out brightly on any desk.

[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”GSi6JSdr” upload-date=”2018-06-27T13:05:46.000Z” name=”Desk Organizer ” description=”Make in 5 minutes DIY desk organizer with step by step instructions to make back to school more colorful & fun.”]

5 minute DIY Desk OrganizerMaterials For The DIY Desk Organizer

The supplies you will need to complete this DIY desk organizer are:

DIY desk organizer, make in 5 minutes with these step by step instructions.5 Minute DIY Desk Organizer

1. To make the DIY desk organizer in under 5 minutes flat, start by taping off the triangle design you want painted on your cork board.

2. Paint cork board and let dry.

3. While it’s drying, take your paper mache boxes and paint them in a variety of fun and popping colors. Or better yet, save time by purchasing colorful boxes to begin with.

Desk organizer DIY materialsPutting together the DIY desk organizer

4. Once all the pieces have dried, take the hot glue gun and glue together each box in the order you want them to be lined up on the DIY desk organizer.

5. Finally, use the hot glue gun to secure each box to the cork board.

Desktop DIY organizer for back to school supply orginizationCreative Ideas For Organizing Your Desk

Then all that is left is adding your colorful pens, cute notepads, and fun pictures to give your space a fun and functional makeover.

DIY Desk Organizer Ideas

Use your desk organizer most obviously in the office space to organize your pens, scissors etc. But here are another couple places the diy desk organizer would also be great!

  1. In the kitchen to organize mixing spoons, spatulas etc. You can easily pin up whatever recipe you’re working on to look at while you cook.
  2. In the kids room to organize small items like pokemon cards, marbles or special trinkets they collect along the way. Pinning up photos of the kids on the board is a sweet touch.
  3.  In the bathroom as a makeup organizer! This would be a fun idea to create when swapping out the cork board for a small desktop mirror and storing all your brushes, and makeup in the boxes.

DIY Desk Drawer Organizer Ideas

And now that all the pretty supplies are on display, let’s not forget about our desk drawers.

1. These are my favorite organizers for inside the desk drawers because you can move them each around until the space is fully functional.

2. Take a colorful cue from our very organized dinner party drawer which is functional and filled with color. Something about opening a drawer and seeing organized color is like a breath of fresh air to me.

3. And when all fails, zip it up!

We end up with a lot of small crafty elements – gems, candles, confetti – little things that would easily get lost in a larger container and take up way to much space in a square. To gather the little, odds and ends that I want to keep together I use a collection of cute pencil bags, sometimes even just clear plastic bags or coin purses. The bags are easy to store together in larger baskets and desk drawers.

DIY Desk Top Organizer Ideas

You might end up with a few things for the desk top that are too large for this diy desk organizer. In that case make painted baskets to hold larger items like tissue paper, or ribbons and bows for easy and organized access.

Don’t forget about the wall space above your desk as well! This affordable kraft paper holder will keep all your to-do lists in order freeing up more room on the cork board for pictures and motivation.

A few other back to school organization ideas:

(Photos & video @ASubtleRevelry created for us by Whitney Gray)

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