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How 5 Printable Valentine Ideas Help Mom Keep Her Sanity

5 printable Valentines

Valentine’s Day is coming up and making a classroom full of sweet love notes is my favorite thing ever. To get ahead of the game this year, I’ve decided to print all our Valentines with easy to use labels. It saves me the effort of cutting straight lines on 2,675 Valentines (which for some reason get really hard after about card #8), and it ensures my kid’s Valentines will look great.

Last year I found a really funny idea for my son’s Valentines on Pinterest that he fell in love with. It had about 10 different parts we had to cut out for each Valentine and the entire project took us upwards of 5 hours. I lost my mind. They were very cute, but let’s be honest… No one has time for that!

Let’s be cute this year, without the crazy time consuming crafting. Okay?

In partnership with Avery, I’ve designed 5 printable templates for easy-peasy classroom Valentines. You can download each of these printables below. Print the file directly from the Avery site onto the labels – the site matches it all up perfectly for you (you can even use the text option to add your child’s name on the templates). Punch out, or peel off the label and attach to the simple toy or snack, like French Fries!!! Be your kid’s cupid this year and still keep your sanity.

French Fry Valentine

French Fry Valentines

You are the Burger to my Fry! While this Valentine was created with the kids in mind. It really works for anyone. Be your co-workers favorite office gal, your husbands favorite lady, or the kids favorite mom strutting into the afternoon class party with a tray of french fries from your little guy. He’ll instantly be the most popular kid in class.

French Fry Valentine Template

To create this Valentine,

  1. Print out the French Fry Valentine Template using Avery shipping labels.
  2. Purchase small fries from your favorite local joint.
  3. Stick the labels, one on each bag and bring to school, or the office in a large tray for a great way to sweeten everyone’s day.

Heart Eyes Valentine

Heart Eyes Valentines

Heart Eyes Valentines

Heart Eyes Valentines

I only have heart eyes for you! My girlie and her friends will just love wearing these adorable Valentine heart glasses at school. They’re a fun prop for photos and will leave every kid with something fun to remember.

Heart Eyes Valentine Template

To make the heart eyes Valentines:

  1. Print out the Heart Eyes Valentine Template onto Avery tags.
  2. Purchase a class set of cute Valentine glasses like these plastic heart shaped glassesor these glow in the dark heart glasses.
  3. Thread one of the glass sides through the circle hole on the tags to make mass assembly a piece of cake.

Jelly bean Valentines

Jelly Bean Valentines

Jelly Bean Valentines

Although I normally don’t love to jump on the Valentine candy train. These jelly beans are a great way to give the kids a little taste of sweets in a super fun package. You can even buy the packs of jelly beans that have hilarious flavors, the older kids get a kick out of these.

Jelly Bean Valentine Template

To make these candy Valentines:

  1. Print out the Jelly Bean Valentine Template onto Avery tent cards.
  2. Separate the jelly beans into single serving sizes and pour into small plastic snack bags.
  3. Seal the snack bags, fold each one in half, and then glue the tent card around the opening of the bag.

Toy Snake Valentine

Toy Snakes Valentines

Toy Snake Valentine Template

“Valentine, You’re a Squeeze”. These toy snakes make the cutest + easiest Valentines for boys. His friends will love the snake to play with and all the parents will be thrilled it’s not candy.

Toy Snake Valentine Template

To make these Valentines:

  1. Print out the Toy Snake Valentine Template onto Avery postcards.
  2. Separate postcards and hot glue one of these toy snakes onto each card.

Party Blower Valentine

Party Blower Valentine

Party Blowers Valentines

Party Blower Valentine

We often have these party blowers left around after blog shoots. The kids just love them! Mine have been known to stuff 4 or 5 into their mouth blowing them all out at one time. It’s a hoot. Since they have so much fun with these blowers at home it seems a perfect way to give a Valentine.

Party Blower Valentine Template

To make these party blower Valentines:

  1. Print out the Long Party Blower Valentine Template directly from the Avery site onto the wrap around label pack.
  2. Purchase a bulk bag of party blowers and fold the sides of the labels around the back to secure.

Easy Printable Valentines

With classrooms of Valentines to make, I’m happy we don’t have to sacrifice cute for keeping our sanity. These Valentine ideas are simple, adorable and most importantly easy for mom to make. Heart eyes all around!

This post is done in partnership with Avery Labels. 

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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