5 Things I Learned (About Blogging) This Year & A Few Questions For You

This post has become kind of an annual tradition for us since we started it in 2015. Marking the changes in our business, this site and the general digital world year by year (2016, 2017). Last year was filled with SO MUCH GROWTH for our business and myself personally. I’m thrilled to share with you 5 lessons I’ve learned this year & explore together how we can implement change moving forward.

5 Things I Learned (About Blogging) in 2018Helping others is always a win

Last year we launched our lifestyle business course and it’s been so fun to see those of you that have gone through the course materials over the past year. Learning how to grow a brand from the ground up is so much easier when you have someone showing you the way. I for one have LOVED helping other new bloggers through this course and am finding more and more that I come alive when teaching and training.

This year we will be running the course again, starting with our free 7 day Branding workshop – grab a seat right here.

Question for you: What do you have to offer others coming up behind you that would give you both a win?

Investing in people is scary & also worth it

One of the big changes this last year is that we moved our business into the Adthrive family which has drastically improved how our site functions and runs ads.

It has also opened and entire world of new friends. Friends that really get me.

I’ve been to many blogging conferences before that I’ve felt MEH about… in fact here’s my pro/con blogging conference round up post.

But when I walked into the Adthrive summit last year I found a group of ladies who were business minded, kind hearted and kindred spirits for sure. I randomly invited myself out to dinner with a group of them and they have become a little tribe for me.

This is not something my normal introvert self would do, but I’m so glad I took the scary leap to get to know them. These friendships have significantly changed our business for the better.

Question for you: Who do you need to jump into relationship with this year to grow your life and business?

Numbers can be fun

HA! This makes me laugh just saying it.

I ran this site for YEARS on pure creative energy, connection and hustle ;). BUT this year our little business hit a point where that wasn’t cutting it anymore. So we invested in numbers. NUMBERS! And they’ve become such a fun friend.

I’ve come to love every type of number, from our budgeting numbers – which were completely transformed this year using the Profit First framework.

To our analytic numbers – we now have weekly/monthly business recaps that are transforming the way we blog.

Even my own time schedule numbers, as I’m learning to lead the kind of life I want by numbered design and not simple reaction.

Question for you: What numbers do you need to get real with & learn to love to create the life you’ve always wanted?

Designing the life I want to live is the best

I posted a couple years ago about building my lifestyle business and how important it was for me to create a business that served my life goals and not get caught up in the #GirlBoss hustle. I am so happy we made that decision!

The way it has played out has allowed me to grow a business I am proud of, while also taking summers off with the kids, picking them up at school everyday and being the kind of wife and mom I always wanted to be.

It’s not an easy thing to put blinders on when everyone else seems to be doing bigger, growing faster etc. But seeing some of the benefits of designing my business to serve my life this year have been really sweet.

Question for you: What ways are your business or job is serving what you really desire life to be? I realize not everyone can design their own work schedule, but I imagine there are ways we can all adjust to align our desired life design up better with our daily work.

Lastly, adapting quickly is the best way to have long term success

I’ve heard other bloggers I respect talk about this topic too and it is really important to having long term success in the digital editorial world. Being able to quickly adapt to changes in the way content is consumed and being quick to pivot when something is or isn’t working is helping me to look forward to another year of creating content that I love.

Our online community and the way you all read/watch content is quickly changing and this year I am more excited than ever to meet you over on Instagram Stories, through video, some long form content (although not as much as we have previously done), and in our emails.

Question for you: I’d love to hear how you are consuming content most these days and anything in particular you’d like to see from us this year. 

Cheers to another year of blogging fun. xoxo – Victoria

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