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5 Tips For Feeling Pretty This Fall

This fall, we’re into a different kind of pretty, focusing not just what’s on the outside but what makes us feel pretty on the inside too. It’s always fun to put on a dash of makeup and a cute new outfit, but equally rewarding is that feeling of inner peace when are at home with who we are. We asked some of the gals on our blogging team to weigh in, and they had so many fun ideas!

So, here are 5 Tips For Feeling Pretty This Fall, our favorite ways to get that self confidence boost for the fall season ahead.

1. Make time for self-care

There are lots of things in life that demand our time and energy. Whether you work or stay home, are married or single, or tend to little people or fur babies, if you’re anything like us, taking care of the needs of others often requires the majority of our efforts. It’s easy to lose yourself in all of the things, the never-ending to-do list, the constant hustle. But, self-care is SO important for our physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health (and sanity!). Carve out time in your schedule to do something just for YOU! It may be a simple quiet hour after a long day, 15 minutes of yoga in the morning, a monthly appointment at the spa; whatever it is, it’s something to look forward to, a sweet space where you get to relax and rejuvenate and feel good about taking a moment to simply take care of you. 

“Drinking lots of water, eating good, clean food, getting plenty of sleep, and scheduling some time for self-care every day: these are the things that help me feel pretty every day, whether it’s a day spent relaxing or a hard day at work.” –Brandi Van Leer

“I treat myself to a pedicure to make myself feel pretty — I usually pick a bold color because I typically wear a lot of grays and blacks so my nail color stands out. I actually don’t have much of a beauty routine (don’t wear makeup or do hair, etc.) so a pedicure is a big deal!” –Athena Plichta

2. Do what makes you happy

When we feel good, our beauty shines from the inside out. This fall, do something that makes you happy, every single day! If you like to read, pick up your favorite book. If you like to run, get outside! If you like to cook, try out a new recipe. Feeling good about yourself gives you self-confidence that far outweighs anything a great concealer, lipstick, or blush could ever do.

“I feel prettier after playing two hours of tennis, covered in clay and sweat, than I do at most formal weddings that I attend… that is me, understanding where I am happiest and why a mirror is not necessarily a complete reflection of who I am :)” –Liz Veilleux

“Being pretty is about feeling pretty and feeling pretty can come at any time of day and at any moment, not just the ones we plan. I feel prettiest when I’m doing something for someone else, whether it’s playing a game with my kids or helping a friend move or talking to the guy on the street holding the sign. Getting outside of myself helps me stop thinking about what I look like and about who I am to others.” –Ali Denney

3. Be confident

There is only one you…really, how cool is that?! Celebrate your individual uniqueness and embrace who you are. When you’re comfortable in your own skin, your confidence radiates and is apparent to others, shining your beautiful light to those around you.

“I truly believe that being confident in yourself, and showing that confidence in every conversation, outfit, beauty look etc. will thus allow you to feel so much better about yourself and believe in your beauty.” –Kayla Reyes

“Stay positive and think the best about yourself and others. Smile. With your teeth. Not just a turn-the-corner-of-your-mouth-up-with-your-lips-together-to-be-nice type of smile. Really smile. Big. Just that in and of itself makes me feel pretty any time of the day and in any situation.” -Ali

4. Do your hair

When we asked our friends what makes them feel prettiest, the most common answer we got was “doing my hair!” It really does make a difference. Yes, we are absolute fans of a messy top-knot and throwing on a cute hat because “wash day” just didn’t quite happen, but there is something to be said about making a little effort every once in a while too (maybe try kool-aid;)

“I would say my fall pretty tip would be putting on a super cozy outfit with cute hair. Doing my hair in the mornings especially makes my days 10x better because I feel so much more confident throughout the day.”-Ashlyn Lee

“Most days my hair situation is anything but glamorous. Especially in the summer with the heat and sunscreen and sticky kid fingers, so a majority of the time I just throw it up in a bun and be on my way. But the days I actually do something (braid it, straighten it, curl it), it makes SUCH a difference. It’s such a small thing but it totally boosts how I feel about myself and I instantly feel pretty.” –Heather Siri

5. Buy cute undies

What better way to feel pretty in than to dress yourself with all the pretty things? Why stop at a cute outfit?! Get a fun bra/panty set too! Even if you’re the only one that’s going to see it, wearing something that makes you feel pretty will boost your confidence and keep you smiling all season long.

Nothing makes me feel prettier than fun new underwear or a cute lacy bralette. Maybe it’s because it’s something no one else can see so it’s like this little secret I’m hiding all day. Plus, it’s your closest layer of clothing so if it’s comfy AND cute that just makes for a really good day! ;)” -Heather

We really can’t wait to be intentional about putting these tips to practice with the upcoming season. They’re so simple, practical, and allow for complete personalization so you can totally make them your own. Which of our 5 Tips For Feeling Pretty This Fall are you most excited to try? Share with us what makes you feel most pretty, too!

PS. How to smell good at parties.

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