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5 Tips For Navigating Holiday Parties While Sick

This post is sponsored by CareNow and SheKnows Media. All opinions are my own.

Inevitably it happens…

The moment you put the date on the calendar for that holiday party you’ve been dying to plan/attend/enjoy.

Someone gets sick. “‘Tis the season!” they say.

But… no one wants to miss that party! Here are a couple tips for beating the sickness & getting back to the party with style and ease.

  1. Stop the sickness in the first place! We popped into our local CareNow center to get everyone ready for the season with their flu shots and a good physical. Did you know your local CareNow is more than just a place to go when sick? They have preventive care options as well, which make prepping for holiday health easy on the whole family. Going down during the holidays is the worst! So, we are always proactive about ensuring the season is a fun one.
  1. Bring your own party picks! The next time you are at the store pop by the party aisle and grab a bag of fun party tooth picks. Bring them with you and never be forced to dig your hand into the sausage platter again.

When you (or a family member) does go down, here are a couple ideas for navigating the season in spunk even if you are lying down.

  1. Bring the party home!

When I’m sick, I HATE missing all the fun of being out. Bringing home a special party sweet, a favor or a party hat to give the downed family member is a good way to keep them feeling a part of things even when they aren’t.

  1. Eat right

Eat the right things to help what is ailing you, and no I’m not talking about fruits and veggies here. For Congestion try spicy foods, like a hot salsa for headaches reach for something leafy (the iron and B vitamins will work wonders). If your tummy is on edge sprite or champagne will do the trick.

A mix of whiskey and ginger is my go-to when I’m feeling under the weather, have one at the party and enjoy a couple hours of feeling more yourself.

  1. See a doc ASAP

More often than not, I try to fight through my sicknesses. Who needs a doctor when I have cold meds and a strong will to keep on going! Right?? Well, more often than not, this mentality has gotten me in trouble and I end up sicker days later. Instead this holiday season I’m planning on using the ease of our local CareNow clinic to treat symptoms at the first sign. It will have me back up and partying in no time.

  1. Make a care pack

Whether this is a literal sick day box like we shared about last month, or more of an impromptu gift, be sure to care for yourself and anyone you love who’s sick this season. A simple delivery of soup, sprite and spirit will always help. A holiday movie to watch together or a new magazine they will want to read will make the sick day feel more like a special party than a ba-humbug event.

  1. Put on the sparkles!

A sparkly hat, tinsel shawl and sparkle clad glasses will make of us feel festive no matter what they are fighting!

What are things you do to enjoy the holidays no matter what? It’s about time to start the parties so let’s cheers to good health and lots of sparkle this season.

(Photos by Irina Ozhigova).

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