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50 Cool DIYS & Projects For Sweltering Hot Days

Summertime always feels like such a happy season. It’s a time to relax, enjoy the great outdoors, plan special things to do with family and friends, take vacations, and just breathe in all that this beautiful life has to offer! In the spirit of enjoyment, I thought it would be fun to try my hand at a few new cool DIYs this summer. And then I got kind of carried away scrolling through these 50 craft blogs and couldn’t really pick one or two, or ten cool DIY projects. ;)

50 Cool DIYS

So, out of my creative burst came the idea to just keep on finding cool DIYs that I can put on a bucket list of sorts. I could’ve gone on forever and ever, as my fellow craft junkies can totally understand, but thought I should probably stop somewhere in order to make a more realistic list that I can see myself getting around to eventually.

The result is a drumroll of a summer crafting list:

50 Cool DIY Projects

Confetti Sticks are the perfect way to add some lively celebration to any old day. Wake up the family with a fun surprise or pack a few for the park and capture some colorful moments on the camera!

I’m a wreath fanatic, so I’m always looking for the next best thing in this category. It’s just so special to me to have something pretty on my front door that says “Hello and Welcome!” to our guests right when they arrive at our home. This Hula Hoop Wreath is an adorable way to greet guests with a cool DIY projects and leave a fun first impression.

An Indoor-Outdoor Bowling Lane is a great DIY game that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Opt out of the alley and enjoy all of the fun right at home.

cool diy crafts

Candles typically provide a warm and cozy vibe and are always cool diys to craft up for long summer nights, but this Rainbow Taper Candle Holder is all about the brightness and energy!

Painted Marbled Wine Glasses are way more fun than simple clear ones. Jazz up the scene at your next social gathering with the stemless beauties.

There’s no shortage of cool DIYs for kids, that’s for sure. But it’s often a challenge for me to find something that I know both my little guy and little gal with enjoy. Cue fluffy slime without borax! #winning

Mini Succulent Pots are a great DIY for the green and black thumb alike. Succulents, unlike a lot of other plants, are super easy to maintain and these little planters fill decorative space indoors and outdoors super well.

50 cool DIYS for home

Cool DIYS For Home

Have you ever seen something so hilariously adorable? I’d like to make these Cord Tacos just because they’re so stinkin’ cute but *bonus!* they’re totally functional too. I’m constantly untangling my headphones, or losing them altogether, but if I had a cord taco to stuff them in neatly, my problems would all be solved!

Who wants a plain, solid colored mouse pad? Boring. Instead of spending a bunch of money on something fancy, my motto is always DIY. A Floral Mouse Pad that’s simple to create yet brings a colorful touch to the office. Pretty soon all your co-workers will be asking for one too!

Pom poms are kind of my jam. And this Woven Pom Pom Rope Rug totally won me over. I think it’d look great in the center of a room, or even as a mini-mat in the bathroom too.

I love thrifting and there’s nothing that makes me happier than finding an old piece of furniture and making it new again. This Gold Leafed Dresser DIY is so pretty, I’m fighting the urge to make one for more than just a single room in my house. It’ll stand out better that way, don’t you think? The pink one shown in the tutorial would be perfect for my daughter’s room, so she might be the lucky recipient of this pretty piece!

Cool DIYs for kids

Sidewalk Foam Paint is the ultimate summer DIY for the kids! While my crew is totally content to play with regular old chalk, I can’t wait to surprise them with something special like this.

Paper chains are a classic craft, so why not make a mini one to top a cake?! So easy and such a fun way to celebrate any occasion with a Mini Paper Chain Cake Topper.

Cool DIYs For Teens

Cool DIYS For Teens

Fruit Fans: a sweet way to cool you off in style this summer.

Anyone have fun travel plans coming up? Seems like we’re always on the go whether it’s for family vacation, a quick road trip, business meeting, or the holidays. I definitely don’t enjoy the struggle at the airport to pick out our suitcases from the crowd, so I thought these Cricut Felt Luggage Tags would add a creative touch to customize our luggage. You can put whatever phrases you want on them, but my personal fave is “take my luggage do my laundry” HA! Sounds like a good deal to me.

I’m in love with the watercolor trend that’s going around right now and totally swooned when I discovered these Watercolor Pillows. Currently debating if I should make a set for our patio or living room. Taking any and all input!

Do y’all have a hammock at home? If not, this Hammock Chair tutorial is about to be your favorite thing ever. I don’t know what life was like before I had this comfortable, relaxing space at home to just unwind, read a good book, or catch a few afternoon zzz’s.

Temporary tattoos aren’t just for kids, festival wear, or Halloween costumes. These Temporary Tattoo Mugs are a creative way to paste a design you like onto glassware, and they’ll last a lot longer too.

Cool DIYs for girls

Need one of these in my life ASAP! A Donut Floppy Hat + days spent by the pool = perfect summer!

A new trend in interior decor is going outside of the frame. It’s so much more fun to put different types of things up on a wall besides a piece of art or a framed photo…not that those things are boring in and of themselves, but I love to add some other textures, colors, shapes and designs to my walls too! Dyed Wall Weavings are right up my alley, and I’m so excited to create some of my own to adorn my home.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and I’m all about these pretty and colorful look-a-likes in mini soap form! Jewel Gemstone Soaps would be fun to make for a girls’ night in, to leave in the guest bath for overnight guests to use, or to gift to any gal who could use some extra sparkle in her day.

I love to decorate my table seasonally, but there’s also something to having a few classic pieces to keep out on the regular. This Fringe Tablecloth is polka dotted and pink, so obviously it can hang in my house any day ;)

Perler Bead Beverage Lids are a summery solution to keep pesky critters out of cocktails, spritzers, and all the icy cold drinks I’ll be sipping to beat the heat.

Funfetti Candles probably smell as yummy as funfetti cake, but I’ll definitely have to whip up a batch of the original after making this candle DIY because once the smell hits the air, there’s no way me + the kids + the husband will be able to handle the temptation without taking at least one bite!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got tons of mason jars laying around the house. Creating cool DIYs from plastic bottle and jars are always a great idea. Between holiday jams and all sorts of cool DIYs, I always have a few extra left behind. I think I’m going to repurpose them and try to create a couple of these Mason Jar Sconces to display fresh flowers in the kitchen.

Ever tried your hand at making jewelry? I feel like these Stacking Wire Bangles are the perfect place to start. With pretty little gemstones on each one, you can mix and match them to pair with any outfit.

Cool DIYS Room Decor

Say goodbye to expensive store-bought furniture using these cool DIYs and say hello to handmade luxury with this gorgeous (PINK!) Tufted Headboard!

Ever run out the door and realize you’ve got your phone but not your keys or vice versa? It can’t be just me, right?? This Keep Your Cool Smartphone Case DIY makes it easy to just grab one thing. And the cases are shaped like popsicles, so they’re also super stylin’.

If your kids are like mine, they love to be outside! Rather than buying all of the things to keep them entertained, make a few cool DIY projects like this Kids Picnic Table/Sandbox Combo that is a perfect way to transform an old piece of furniture into something new and fun.

I love tote bags. Especially during summer when trips to the pool, water park, or farmer’s market are happening every week. They’re great to just throw a bunch of stuff in and go. Pretty sure this Patterned Tassel Tote Bag will be my go-to during the summer season for a stylish look when we’re on-the-run and a fancy purse just isn’t realistic.

50 cool DIY projects

Topping my list of cool DIYs projects I’ve seen in years, this disco ball paint brush by Ruth Black.

Personal treats are the best because everyone gets their own little portion and there’s no sharing necessary! These S’mores Pots sound so yummy and will be perfect for a night out in the backyard.

You could go to the store and buy a welcome mat or you can make a Braided Doormat that’ll bring a summery/nautical vibe to welcome guests from sea to sea!

So, confetti is my favorite, there’s no doubt about it. And this Fruity Confetti Wrapping Paper is likely the cutest I’ve ever seen!

Have you ever made your own makeup? I can’t say that I have, but I really like the idea of knowing exactly what’s going onto my skin. There are a lot of natural products on the market these days, but a lot of them are really expensive. This Mineral Clay Eyeshadow looks like a really budget-friendly alternative, plus I love all the jeweled tones you can create with different natural powders.

Watermelon Shorts: think these are perfect for summertime!

I would love to have a Pink Potting Station like this in my yard. It would make the toils of gardening and maintaining the flower beds feel more fun and less chore, agreed?

Any aspiring musical artists out there? A Painted Pineapple Ukulele will undoubtedly increase your fanfare…at least that’s what I’ll be going for with this DIY. At least it’ll look pretty while I’m rocking out ;)

Skip the stainless and instead make something special for your morning cup of joe. Get inspiration from these DIY Travel Mugs!

There’s no excuse to use boring plates again since all it takes is a pretty pattern and some clear plates to create a custom set. I love the flamingo pattern on these Statement Printed Plates!

I love the look and feel of leather. There’s just something buttery soft and luxurious about it. But, I’ve never thought to use it in lighting before! A Leather Pendant Light is just unique enough to add to a library, office, or reading nook to add a modern and upscale feel.

Who loves bike rides? Me, me, me! I’m definitely more of the cruiser vs. mountain or race bike type so this Tassel Bike Basket would be the perfect addition to my ride, allowing me to throw in a small purse or wallet and bottle of water for a spin around the block or to the ice cream shop!

Animal Planters make for an awesome decorating idea for a boy’s room! I think my guy would definitely give me permission to decorate with these and bring some life into his space…a lot more likely than a bouquet of flowers!

Seal up a brown bagged lunch or open bag of potato chips with little Letter Toppers that’ll send cute messages to the family.

You don’t have to be a master seamstress to make a Patchwork Foldover Clutch. Some extra fabric, a sewing machine, and willing hands are really all it takes to complete this DIY which will leave you will a one-of-a-kind mini handbag to keep all the essentials.

I love melamine plates for summer. They’re basically indestructible so I don’t mind using them out by the pool or when the kids have their friends over. I found this Plastic Pair Cake Stand that uses a matching plate and cup set, which I totally plan on making with a pair from my summer melamine set. You can never have too many cake stands, if you ask me!

Cool DIYS For Summer

Socks are often an afterthought when we are thinking of cool DIY projects. Just something you throw on under a pair of shoes to protect your feet. And frankly, that just isn’t fair! I came across these Fun Sock Makeovers and couldn’t resist sharing them with you. What neat ideas to jazz up a pair of socks that otherwise would go unnoticed. So fun!

I remember when my kids made their first lemonade stand, and let me tell you, it was not as cool as this Collapsible Cardboard Lemonade Stand. If I can get my husband in on the action, we’re going to whip one of these up for the kiddos to proudly sell their sweet sips all summer long!

Everyone loves the paint by numbers crafts…they make fancy things doable by the average artist. This Pillow DIY is no exception, and is way less intimidating then winging it on my own. We also created a paint by number for adults artwork that is easily ready for all your summer free time.

Cool DIYS room decor

Wrapped Wire Words send a big message in neon colors! I think they’d look great all over the house. Maybe “eat” in the kitchen, “sleep” in a bedroom, or “hello” (as shown above) in the entryway. I’m really enjoying how bright and happy they are!

So, are you feeling inspired? I love that these cool DIYs are so different, unique, and absolutely do-able by anyone ready to tackle any of the cool diy projects. Which ones were your favorites from this list? I’m going to go with all of the above :)

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