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50th Birthday Party Ideas

When you turn the big five-oh it calls for a big celebration. There are plenty of 50th birthday party ideas that you could do to ring in the next decade in style.

Due to pandemic restrictions that pop up without warning, sticking to a small party at home is probably the safest option.

We have you covered with plenty of 50th birthday party ideas to transform your home into a celebration sanctuary.

50th Birthday Party Decoration Sets

50th Birthday Decorations For Women Men

A beautiful classic theme and color scheme for a 50th birthday party is black and gold since gold is the traditional gift for birthdays and anniversaries.

This comprehensive decoration package includes a large 50 gold number balloon, a black and gold happy birthday banner, 16 latex gold and black balloons, 6 gold confetti balloons, and 4-star foil balloons.

50th Birthday Decorations for Women, Rose Gold

This pretty pink set is perfect for 50th birthday party ideas for women. It includes a rose gold number 50 balloon, a rose gold Happy Birthday banner, 20 metallic rose gold balloons (12 inches), 5 rose gold confetti balloons, a champagne bottle balloon, a crown balloon, a rose gold Sash, and a rose gold fringe curtain.

This full set will leave your home looking fit for a princess.

50th Birthday Decorations for Men

A fun blue package that is ideal for 50th birthday party ideas for men. It includes everything you need to liven up your venue and give it a pop of color.

6-in-1 birthday decorations including 5&0 aluminum foil number balloons; a “happy birthday”  banner; 4 star-shaped foil balloons; 16 latex balloons; 8 confetti latex balloons and a pack of the spiral number “50” pendants.

50th Birthday Party Props

50th Birthday Photo Booth Props

This photo booth kit includes 53 pieces in black and gold that will entertain guests for hours.

This is the 50th birthday party ideas black and gold realized.

It contains everything you need to set up a fun photo booth that will keep guests entertained and make great memories that they can look back on for years to come.

Glittery 50th Birthday Selfie Photo Booth Frame Black and Gold

This cute photo frame stays with the classic black and gold theme and will allow guests to get a great 50th birthday memoir of your party.

It is a simple but fun item that will add some extra flair to your event and allow guests to get creative with their poses for the perfect picture.

50th Birthday Novelty Party Items

VAPARA DESIGNS 50th Birthday Decorations – 3 Pack of Fun, Artistic 11×14″ Birthday Posters

It is always fun to reminisce at birthday parties especially the older you get.

Unique 50th birthday party ideas are hard to come by but this poster pack is a winner.

It includes a poster of what happened in the year of birth for the birthday boy or girl and a poster of what happened while they were growing up in their childhood and teenage years.

These will be great talking points for guests as well as add to the decor.

L & O Goods 50th Birthday Party Decorations – Signature Board for Party

When you manage to combine decorations with something functional that can be turned into a beautiful memento you have a winner.

This signature party board for your 50th birthday party allows guests to write special messages to the guest of honor that can be framed later as a keepsake.

It is a great alternative to the boring old guest book and one of the great 50th birthday keepsake party ideas.

Funny Abusive Balloons

Often by the time you reach the age of 50 you have a pretty solid sense of humor.

These funny abusive balloons will be a novel idea that will add an entertaining factor to your decor.

Each balloon has a unique funny quote that will definitely be a conversation starter among guests and have people chuckling in no time.

Top Shelf 50th Birthday Wish Jar With 100 Tickets, Pen, and Decorative Lid

This is another gem of a 50th birthday keepsake party idea, a wish jar where guests can write a wish for the birthday person and store it in the jar for them to reflect back on. It includes 100 wish tickets so all the guests are sure to be able to record their wishes. This is a unique and thoughtful addition to a 50th birthday party that will give the guest of honor.

50th Birthday Party Favors

15 Pieces Birthday Wine Stopper for Birthday Party Favors

Individually packaged wine stoppers with a number 50 staying in the 50th birthday party theme, are perfect party favors for your guests. The gold color stays in the traditional 50th theme and guests will have a functional gift that they will love to remember the special event.

Happy 50th Birthday Party Decorations for Men

This is a party favor for the boys that they will love to take home at the end of the night.

This 50th birthday black and gold beer can sleeves will be a perfect 50th birthday party favor that guests will get good use of.

This specific set includes 12 beer can sleeves that you can package up for guests on their favorite beverages as they leave at the end of your party.

50th Birthday Candy 3lb – Hershey’s Chocolate

If you want to send guests home with a sweet reminder of a great 50th birthday party then this candy package is perfect for you.

A pack of candy including wrapped Hershey’s Miniatures, Hershey’s Kisses & Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

The wrapping includes a 50th birthday wrapping in black and gold that guests will be able to enjoy for days after the celebration.

Turning the big five-oh is a momentous occasion and everyone deserves a memorable celebration.

We have gone over all the essentials to make your 50th a smashing success. From killer decoration sets to party props, to novelty party items and fun yet functional party favors we have you covered.

You will have a fabulous 50th that guests will reminisce about for years to come.