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53 Wedding Games to Play On Your Special Day

Inside: 53 of the best wedding games.

Weddings are a whole bunch of fun all on their own. Between dinner and dancing, photo booths and cake cutting, there’s a lot happening. And games only add to the experience!

Whether you’re planning your own wedding or helping out a friend who’s soon-to-be-married, these wedding games are a must for an epic celebration. There’s lots of variety in this massive list: trivia, outdoor wedding games, dance floor, funny games for your wedding, sentimental moments, and even wedding games for kids. I promise there’s something for everyone in this list of 53 Wedding Game to Play!

53 Wedding Games to make your special day more funWedding Trivia Games

Trivia night at a wedding?! Oh, what fun! These games will keep your guests on their toes.

Find the Guest: Get your guests to mix and mingle by asking each other questions like “who’s been married in the last year?” “who can speak another language?” or “who has more than 3 pets?”

He Said She Said: Perfect for under place cards to keep guests busy while they wait for dinner to be served. They can guess things that describe the bride and those that are all about the groom.

I Spy: Love this idea that asks wedding goers to spot various happenings throughout the wedding.

Crossword: You can customize a crossword with fun trivia about the happy couple to pass out with wedding programs.

Word Search: Would be a cute chalkboard display at the wedding. DIY it and use words like wedding, marriage, bride, groom, etc. for guests to find and circle.

Who Knows the Bride Best: This is a fun one to play while getting ready for the big day, or even at a wedding shower. The ladies will definitely have an advantage as the bride’s man gals!

Outdoor wedding gamesOutdoor Wedding Games

Outdoor weddings are my favorite. They offer a laid back, relaxed atmosphere amidst all the nerves and emotions that come with a wedding. Fun outdoor games like these DIY giant yard games will encourage guests to gather ’round, socialize, kick off their shoes, and have some fun!

Monogrammed Cornhole: It’s an outdoor classic made festive by these cute custom monogrammed decals perfect for displaying the new couple’s names.

Jenga: Another customizable option in the form of mega Jenga!

Connect 4: Life-sized connect 4 in a really pretty wood finish that’s elegant enough for a wedding.

Ladder Golf: Wedding colors can totally be incorporated into this game where two players take turns throwing ropes with colored balls on each end to a free-standing ladder to see who can get the most to land on the rungs.

Yard Yahtzee: Let the good times roll with an old fashioned game of Yahtzee on the lawn.

Tic Tac Toe: How cute would it be to use the bride and groom’s initials instead of X’s and O’s? Make your own lawn tic tac toe set with rope and felt letter cutouts.

More Lawn Games

Lawn Dominoes: Simple game and simple to buy or DIY. If you make, pick up some wood and black paint from the hardware store and you’re all set!

Water Balloon Toss: Probably not appropriate for a black tie affair but definitely a fun game to play for a backyard wedding in the summer heat. Cool guests off with a good ole water balloon toss where partners see if they can play a successful game of catch without getting soaked.

Custom Croquet: Thoughtful DIY wedding gift that doubles as a fun game to play at the wedding.

Ring Toss: This game is easy to make using recycled bottles…I think wine bottles work well and it’s a great excuse to get drinking ;). Spray or chalk paint them with the wedding colors, then craft up the rings using rope and hot glue. You can use colorful electrical tape (if they make it in your wedding colors) to wrap the rings but I enjoy the rustic look of the rope most. Place in a wood crate and you’re set!

Memory Match: Glue an assortment of pictures–including two of each one– of the bride and groom to big squares of foam poster board for a memory match game that’ll challenge all the people at the party. Place them face down on the lawn and see who can memorize the matches the fastest.

Bocce Ball: Snag a colorful set for an easy to put together game.

Badminton: An outdoor favorite, bring badminton to a playful backyard wedding.

Dance Floor Wedding Games

Heat up the dance floor with these wedding games that will burn some serious energy and draw a crowd.

Guy/Girl Dance Battle: It’s as simple as it sounds…guys on one side, girls on the other. One person in the middle at a time, alternating between guys and girls to see who’s got the sweetest moves!

Money Dance: The bride and groom start out dancing together. Family and friends can cut in and dance with them, but only if they pay the price! Pro tip: Have one of the flower girls or ring bearers collect the $ and people will pay more for the cuteness factor :) All proceeds go to the happy couple for a honeymoon/first home/registry fund!

Cha Cha/Electric Slide: All this requires is a good DJ and a willing group of participants!

Anniversary Dance: All the couples go to the dance floor. The DJ asks couples who have been married 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, and so on to stay on the floor all the way until there’s one couple still standing: the one that’s been married the longest. Everyone cheers and if you’re feeling fancy, you can gift them a prize!

Let Love Glow: Have a basket of glow sticks as guests enter the reception. Then cut the lights and call everyone to the dance floor for a glow in the dark dance party!

Karaoke: Advisable to do toward of end of the wedding or at least following the cocktail hour for the funniest results.

Funny wedding gamesFunny Wedding Games

There’s nothing better than a wedding that gets everyone crying tears of…LAUGHTER!

Hidden Objects: Hide secret objects around the ceremony and reception area and encourage guests to try and spot them throughout the night. If the couple loves Disney, hide small Mickey & Minnie figurines. If they’re big into the beach, tiny seashells would work.

Wheel of Fun: Step right up for a spin! When it stops, complete the action it says, like “pick a couple to kiss” or “high five the groom.”

Cocktail Contest: If you’re doing an open bar, serve a couple of signature drinks, one picked by the bride and one by the groom. Let guests taste and vote on which is their favorite to crown the Cocktail King/Queen.

Drink or Dare: Instead of truth or dare, this game is drink or dare. Leave a jar of dares by the bar, so guests can grab one with their drink. The choice is theirs, complete the dare or chug their drink.

Marriage Mad Libs: The bride and groom will LOL at all the funny advice they’ll get from these hilarious cards that can be passed out to guests during the reception.

Keep the laughs coming

2 Truths and a Lie: Is dinner taking a minute to come out? Is the dance floor just really not happening? Or do you simply want your guests to mix and mingle? Encourage a round of 2 Truths and a Lie. Guests at the table will take turns sharing two true things about themselves and one lie. Everyone else will take turns guessing which is which.

Wedding Speech Bingo: During speeches don’t take a snooze, there’s a game to play you won’t want to lose. Check off the boxes one by one and yell out “BINGO!” when you’re done!

Shoe Game: Bride and groom sit back to back with one of their own shoes in one hand and one of their spouse’s shoes in the other. A series of questions are asked and they have to answer by holding up a shoe. It’s so entertaining to watch the inevitable laughs as the married couple battles it out!

Cake Face Bet: Leave two jars by the wedding cake, one labeled bride and one groom. Guests will drop a coin, marble, or another small object into the jar of who they think is going to get the most cake on their face! This game is best when you play for a couple that isn’t afraid to get a little messy.

The Kissing Game: To make the bride and groom kiss, a small task must be completed. Leave little notes around the reception room with different things that guests can do to get the newlyweds to kiss. Things like singing them a love song, give your best marriage advice, or request a song and then dance your heart out!

Stand Up, Sit Down: To be played by each table…have everyone stand. One person will read off the card. There will be statements that will ask some to sit down. It could be, “sit if you were born in an even month” then “stand back up if you have more than one dog.” The statements continue until there’s only one person standing.

Sentimental Wedding Games

…And there’s always room for some tears of joy. Offer the bride and groom something sweet with these preciously sentimental games.

Date Night Booklet: Leave mini spiral notebooks at each guest’s seat. Have them fill out as many pages as they can with sweet date night ideas for the new couple.

Words of Wisdom Jar: Leave a jar by the guest book, or in lieu of it, for guests to leave little slips of paper with all of their wisdom and advice to the newlyweds.

Photo Polaroid Hanging: Use a Polaroid at the photo booth so guests can keep a copy and hang a copy in a pretty display with string lights and clothespins for reception decor that can be turned into a keepsake following the big day.

Time Capsule Messages: Leave out envelopes with numbers from 1-50 alongside 50 blank pieces of paper. Guests will write a sweet note of encouragement on each of the pieces and seal one up in each envelope to be opened on that number’s yearly anniversary (i.e. open envelope 10 on your 10 year wedding anniversary, etc).

Wedding Games to Keep Guests Busy

Don’t let your wedding celebration slip into the realm of boredom. There are lots of fun game ideas here to keep everyone entertained all night long.

Poker Station: Who doesn’t love a good poker face? Keep the party going all night with a poker station!

Board Game Station: Similar to the above idea, a board game station will make sure no one is bored at your wedding.

DIY Tattoo Parlor: Gather up a bunch of temporary tattoos and let guests decide what ink they want!

Photo Scavenger Hunt: Get guests moving with this photo scavenger hunt that’s totally wedding style! Who can snap a cute older couple or happy little kids the quickest?

Rock Band/Video Games: For those that don’t dance but still want to rock out, it’d be perfect to have Rock Band set up. Or, if another video game strikes your fancy, go for that instead.

Wedding Games for kidsKids Games For Your Wedding

Throwing a wedding that’s kid-friendly? You definitely want to prepare with some fun-sized entertainment to keep the littlest guests occupied. With these ideas for kids games, it won’t be a problem at all!

Coloring Station: The most original kids’ activity there ever was is made a whole lot more awesome with this downloadable coloring book!

Hopscotch: A perfect option for an outdoor wedding but doable inside with some tape.

Tabletop Chalk: In the hopes of keeping formal wear as such, move the chalk to a tabletop so the kids can color without having to get down on the sidewalk in their dress clothes.

Cupcake Decorating: Let the kids in on the cake smash action too. First, they’ll decorate their own cupcakes with frosting, sprinkles, and toppings galore and then they can smash to their heart’s delight! Aprons would probably be a great idea here ;)

Hula Hoop Contest: Put the DJ on kid duty for a bit to play some silly songs while the kiddos hula hoop it up!

Lego Centerpiece Contest: Include a set of legos at the center of each of the kid tables. Instruct them to work together to build a creative centerpiece to impress.

Piñata: What could be more fun? The kids will flock to the dance floor for some piñata action, which you can fill with candy, bubbles or confetti blowers for the final send off!

Bubbles: Speaking of bubbles, rent a giant bubble blower for a pretty effect that the kids will love.

And the winner is…

Guys, this list really made me want to re-plan and relive my wedding all over again! It was absolutely wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but these games are just so much fun; I definitely wish we could’ve incorporated a few into our special day. So, if you’re on your way down the aisle, I hope you find some inspiration from this list. Share with me your favorites or if you’ve got other ideas, I’d love to hear about those too!

PS. Check out this fun heart decor and these painted aloe plants, perfect for wedding favors!

(Photography for this post done by Jeff Marsh & Seth Mourra @StocksyUnited).

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