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7 Tips for Overcoming Party-Hosting Anxiety

There are many standards to meet when hosting a party, including your own, which can make you feel anxious and stressed before you host your party. There are a number of barriers to overcome party-hosting anxiety, such as perfectionism, overpreparation, bad or absent role models, and of course, fear of the unknown.

By identifying the cause of these barriers, you will be able to target them and improve your experience when planning and hosting the event. For tips on how to overcome party-hosting anxiety, read our advice below. 

Get Enough Sleep

The first step to being prepared to be a host is to get enough good-quality sleep the night before the party. When you are sleep deprived, you will be more susceptible to stress and anxiety when you carry out tasks on the following day.

It also increases the risk of potential catastrophes, so for the best results on the day, make sure to get enough deep sleep when planning and hosting your party. 

Keep it Simple

Everyone will have a different level of comfort when it comes to entertaining. If you find it difficult to keep yourself calm and collected when there are loads of guests and a lot going on at your event, then you should try to keep things small and simple instead.

As you become more comfortable and confident as a host, you can start to build up numbers and add more features to the party (if required). 

Avoid Over-Planning

Being prepared can reduce stress and anxiety, but over-planning your event can actually trigger it. This is because you will get an idea in your head and if you’re a perfectionist, you will want to make sure the party follows this exact plan.

However, people and events are unpredictable, so you should avoid planting unrealistic expectations in your mind. This could relate to cleaning or the party schedule. 

Clean When Appropriate

When you are hosting an event, you do not have to clean every surface and floor before or when the guests are over.

To make sure your home is prepared for the party, you should tidy the floors, do the washing up, clean the guest bathroom, and wipe the surfaces and counters. You should prepare one space for entertaining your guests and shut off other areas of the home.

Help People Connect 

Whether you are hosting a small gathering or a large get-together, you will be choosing who is invited to the party. When creating your guest list, you should try to select guests who would enjoy each other’s company.

This will make it easier for you to host during the night, as you will feel comfortable leaving your guests to entertain each other during times when you will be busy. 

Don’t Judge Yourself 

During stressful times that trigger anxiety, we tend to judge ourselves the most. Being our toughest critic can be difficult to deal with, especially when it comes to hosting a party.

At the end of the day, people have accepted your invitation, and they will be attending your event to see you. They will be grateful for the invite, and many of the things you will be worried about won’t even cross their minds. 

Your Guests Understand

Most people have been in your shoes, so don’t forget that your guests will empathize and will be extremely appreciative of your efforts. If your dinner doesn’t go to plan or the weather ruins an outdoor event, good friends and loved ones will understand and will not judge you. If you keep this in mind, your evening will become more enjoyable, as it will help you relax.  

Hosting a party can be a great experience, but it is also a lot of responsibility. Taking care of, listening to, and preparing your mind will help you overcome party-hosting anxiety and ensure that you enjoy your evening. 

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