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8 festive recipes for fall

Seeing as how it is officially fall this week (hooray!). We are crazy busy costume shooting, pumpkin painting, cider tasting, and preparing for fall awesomeness. I am not sure any other season gets me quite as jazzed for crafting, cooking and creating memories as the fall does. I cannot wait to share the festive ideas we have coming up.

Before we jump head first into the season, here are 8 favorite foodie posts from the last few years. And incase you missed it our fall edition of Styled. magazine – you should see it, right here! It’s filled with crafts, parties, recipes and hundreds of amazing links to other people with awesome ideas for fall.

A simple recipe for making all natural face paint using fruits and vegetables.

Three unique recipes for baking pumpkin seeds.

A pumpkin burbon slushy.

These rotten brownie eggs will both satisfy and scare your friends.

A favorite idea for a fall brunch is to make pumpkin pancakes and stack them up inside hallowed out pumpkins. Brunch bliss!

Lattice pie toppers, keeping cups of cider warm all season long.

Hosting a traditional garlic fest is an easy way to celebrate and ward off evil this fall.

Pumpkin mojitos are so good – I make them every fall!

Happy fall!

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