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83 Creative Valentines Day Gifts for Boyfriends

Inside: 83 of the most creative Valentines Day gifts for boyfriends!

Conversation hearts, chocolates, and teddy bears…I mean sure, you can give all those things to your boyfriend, but I’ve got some awesome ideas that will really knock his socks off this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re a savvy shopper, DIY diva, culinary champion, or sentimental sweetheart, there’s something for everyone on this list of 83 Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boyfriends.

P.S. your fiancé or hubby will appreciate these ideas too… they did put a ring on it, after all, so treat them to something special this year!

Valentines day gifts for boyfriends

Let’s go shopping, here are some of my favorite in-store gifts for him!

No shame in the shopping game. There are so many great Valentines day gifts for boyfriends out there, your man won’t mind at all if you get him something “store-bought.” I was actually wondering…can I be your boyfriend? ;)

Red Vinyl Record Player: In case you haven’t heard, vinyls are back. And this red record player is perfectly festive you’ve got a music lover in your life.

Beer Chiller Sticks: These icicles fit perfectly inside a bottle of beer to keep his favorite beverage icy cold!

Silk Heart Boxers: Silk boxers are a token V Day gift, but I love this pair with little red hearts.

Double Hammock: If your guy is a snuggle bug, he’ll love this double hammock.

Wood Nose Eyeglass Holder: A stylish solution for storing sunnies and RX glasses too.

Socks Subscription: Add some fun to his M-F office wear with a socks subscription! With all sorts of wild and crazy prints, he’ll be the talk of the town.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker: Hey, it’s the most important meal of the day!

Wallet/Phone Case Combo: Love the fun banana print on this case combo to keep him organized.

Bottle Loft: Speaking of organization, this bottle loft keeps his beer bottles suspended from the ceiling of the fridge for quick access during commercial breaks!

Silicone Ring: Promise ring, enGUYgement ring, or wedding band…these silicone rings are awesome for a gym rat or any guy who’s hard on his hands.

Ugg Men’s Scuff Romeo II Slippers: Or, if he’s hard on his feet, treat him to a pair of these luscious slippers.

Homesick Candles: Doing long distance with your guy? These candles will remind him of the smells of home.

Pink J Crew Dress Shirt: Because there’s nothing more manly than a guy who can rock pink!

Wood Calendar: Perfect for the office or a special spot at home.

City Maps Glassware: Etch his hometown or favorite city onto glass for a functional keepsake.

Whiskey Diamonds: For a guy who likes it on the rocks, these whiskey diamonds are the perfect way to add say “diamonds are a man’s best friend.” ;)

Custom Cologne: Skip the scent that everyone’s after and create a fragrance just for him! Not only is a great Valentine’s day gift for boyfriends, but you benefit too!

Boxer 3-Pack: Undies are always a safe choice for Valentine’s Day but this pack has a pair with hearts, wine & cheese, and kissy lips he’ll want to live in all weekend.

DIY valentines gifts for boyfriendsCrafting for your cuties, here are my favorite crafted Valentines day gifts for boyfriends!

There’s nothing sweeter than a homemade gift on Valentine’s Day. And these ideas aren’t your standard cutesy crafts. There are so many creative ideas to really impress your love no matter what he’s into. Because he’s obviously just really into you!

Printable Love Coupons: The gift that keeps on giving!

Valentine’s Day Light Bulb: Cute lil’ DIY light with a sweet message to keep on display all year long.

Minibar in a Jar: Happy hour just got a whole lot happier.

Homemade Shaving Kit: Shaving subscriptions are currently all the rage but with this tutorial, you can make your own!

12 Months of Date Night Plans: If your guy is less plan more action, this gift is perfect for him. Set him up for date night success with a whole year’s worth of plans! Bonus: you get to hand pick the dates so you know you’re going to enjoy each one.

Leather Stamp Notebook: Customize a notebook for journaling, note taking, or love lettering with a cute little leather stamp for the cover.

Personalized Coffee Mug: Sharpie on a sweet saying or fun design that fits your guy’s personality for a mug to enjoy his morning brew.

Ideas for a Creative Scrapbook: Just because nearly everything these days is digitized doesn’t mean an old fashioned scrapbook is dated. In fact, I love holding pictures in my hands and reliving the memories made together. So many great ideas for a creative scrapbook here!

DIY Beer Caddy: Golf club caddies are a thing…why not for beer?

Emergency Hangry Kit: Let’s be honest, we all get a little cranky when we’ve got an empty tank. Save your BF and yourself from hangriness with a DIY snack kit to satisfy his sweet & savory sides. This has to be my favorite Valentine’s day gift for boyfriends ever!

DIY Memory Box: The perfect little box to hold your favorite pictures together.

Tool Bouquet: If your dude is a fixer upper, he’ll appreciate a big bundle of tools to add to his collection.

Senses Gift Box: Sultry & sensual, this gift gives him something that appeals to each of the 5 senses-taste, touch, sight, smell, and hear.

Memories in a Bottle: Think message in a bottle but a bunch of tiny rolled up pieces of paper, each one with a favorite memory you’ve shared together.

Leather Hearts: Little leather heart keychains to remind your guy that he’s always in your heart!

Picture Balloon Chandelier: We all know that I’ve got a slight (read: major!) obsession with balloons so this picture chandelier has to be one of my favorites on this list. Surprise him with a beautiful display of all your favorite snapshots.

DIY Chunky Knit Blanket: Comfy, cozy and the greatest gift for snuggling up to watch a good movie together.

Open When Letters: Give the gift of encouragement with a set of letters to open during all of life’s seasons.

Foodies gifts for boyfriendsThey say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Here are the best cooking gifts for your man!

And whether you’re a top chef or take-out kinda gal, this list of ideas will get you started on some tasty treats to serve up to your man.

Conversation Heart Macarons: Send a sweet or sexy message with these homemade treats!

Chocolate Covered Heart Shaped Strawberries: Because Valentine’s Day is all about all of the heart shaped things.

Love Potion Cocktail: Give your babe a buzz with this cocktail that’s the perfect blend of strong and sweet.

Love Bug Oreo Truffles: Your love bug will enjoy these homemade truffles almost as much as a day spent with you!

Cinnamon Roll Hearts: Start Valentine’s Day at the break of dawn with this festive breakfast treat.

Valentine’s Hearts Milk Ice Cubes: This pairs perfectly with something sweet!

Steak Dinner for Two: Does a quiet night at home sound better than braving the restaurant crowds? Make your own candlelight dinner with these great recipes.

Heart Shaped Dinner Rolls: Because any holiday is a great excuse for #carbs.

Chocolate Fondue at Home: And for dessert…

15 Beers for Valentine’s Day: The perfect list of beers to say “cheers” on Valentine’s Day…they’re from all over the country with flavors like chocolate, jasmine, and strawberry shortcake. YUM!

Conversation Heart Chocolate Bark: Easy to make, pretty to present, and tasty to eat. Your sweetheart will love this sweet treat!

Triple Chocolate Jack Daniels Cupcakes: Have your drink and eat it too.

Homemade Beef Jerky: DIY Korean Kalbi beef jerky. Mmm, now that’s some gourmet goodness.

Valentine’s Day Heart Pizzas: Everybody loves pizza and it obviously tastes even better shaped like a heart.

Pucker Up Marshmallow Lips: These are sweet dropped on top of a drink or all on their own.

Chocolate Dipped Bacon Roses: If there’s anything your BF wants this Valentine’s Day, it’s these. Trust me. I might even pick them over a traditional rose bouquet!

The best Valentines cards for boyfriendsCards are a staple of Valentine’s Day and for good reason, so let the words do the talking this year!

What better way is there to literally say “I love you” than with a sincere and sentimental message? I love each and every one of these cards, the sweet and the silly!

Paper Heart Attack: Make giant hearts out of poster board with short and sweet messages then hide in your BF’s car for a happy heart attack!

Favorite Human: Simply say how you really feel.

Ombre Embroidered: Cute DIY with embroidered ombre hearts!

Confetti Popper Valentines: Love these festive and fun cards that are totally out of the ordinary.

Cover Stealer: Rings true in my relationship ;)

Where to Eat: Why is this sooo hard to decide?

Hangry: I admit, I’m certainly not free of guilt when it comes to this.

Weird: Because we’re all just looking for someone with mutual weirdness, right?

Hot Air Balloon: Love this adorable card that reminds me of one of my very favorite festivals of all time. Read more about it here!

Cupid’s Arrow: These cards feature pretty metallic arrows with the perfect pop of pink!

String Yarn Heart Cards: Another fabulous DIY for a card that gives me all the heart eyes.

Yoda One for Me: Star Wars puns for the win.

Perfect Combo Free Printable Cards: Favorite foodie combos featured in a free printable to tell your perfect match that he’s just the one for you.

And for the sweetie, here are some of the sweetest Valentines day gift for boyfriends!

If your heartthrob has a soft spot for sentimentality, he’ll love any one of these sweet ideas. Show him how much you care with a special gift that he’ll never forget. I love fun and sweet Valentine’s day gifts for boyfriends!

Scratch Your Travels Map: Catch the travel bug? You and your honey can use this scratch-able travel map to mark off the places you’ve been together and anticipate future vacation plans!

Surprise Shower Valentine’s Balloons: The perfect morning surprise for a happy heart day.

Name a Star: Give your love something that’ll last forever :)

Couple’s Journal: Want to be more intentional about recording special memories or sweet handwritten notes? Get him a journal for you to share.

Editable Sports Game Tickets: Is sports your guy’s love language? These editable tickets are perfect for a big game day ticket surprise!

I Love You Because Dry Erase Board: Share with him a new reason you love him all month long.

Meal Subscription: Your guy like to cook? Give him a month’s worth of yummy meals…to cook for you of course!

2-PersonTtent & KOA Reservation: There’s nothing quite as romantic as falling asleep next to the one you love underneath a beautiful blanket of stars.

Conversation Heart Candy Box: Tell him how you feel in a single word, then fill the box with his favorite candies!

Free Printable Love Coupons: He can cash in on these babies anytime…so make sure you’re reading to live up to your promises ;)

A mix CD with Valentine’s Love Playlist from Spotify: Make a playlist with the most romantic songs for you to enjoy together.

Cork Globe: Love this globe that’s perfect for a guy with a case of wanderlust.

Exotic Meats Jerky Heart: Candy not really his thing? Don’t worry, you can get beef jerky in a heart-shaped box too.

Personalized Saddle Leather Catchall in Chocolate: Help him keep track of the essentials (wallet, keys, phone) with this chocolate covered catchall that’ll look awesome with his initials. I don’t know about you but this would be the most useful Valentine’s day gifts for boyfriends!

Uber Eats Gift Card: In a long distance relationship? Send him a delicious Valentine’s Day dinner even from afar!

Adventure Fund Shadow Box: Fun way to save up for your next big adventure together.

Custom City Map Print: Where’d you meet? Where do you want to live together someday? Have the city printed up on a spacious map to display in your home.

Beer Labels: Nothing says “I love you” quite like a case of his favorite brew + sweet little labels picked out just by you. This is one of the most clever Valentine’s day gifts for boyfriends yet!

Are you feeling the love? I sure am. Except now I’m filled with so many ideas of things to get my husband this Valentine’s Day I’m going to have trouble picking just one…lucky him! ;) I really love that this list includes classic Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriends, but each with a unique twist. Which ones are your favorites? Share some love with me! XOXO

(Photography in the post via Amy Covington, Bonnin Studio and Vera Lair/Stocksy).

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