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Hand Font: Lettered Wrapping Paper

Inside: Fun ways to wrap presents in love letter font wrapping paper. Making your own hand-lettered wrapping paper is a wonderful way to create pretty packages that are both easy and affordable. Write a love note to hand to your dearest for Valentine’s day, encouraging wishes for a couple getting hitched, or a congratulatory note for […]

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Hand Font: Canvas Gift Tags

Hand written projects bring such a nice touch to the holidays. But, what do you do if – like me – your handwriting is not so great. You fake it! I am excited to share these easy to make canvas gift tags, and let you in on a great secret for scripting your own gift […]

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5 Blogging Apps I Use Daily

We did a post about our favorite 10 blogging apps a few years ago and I’m still getting comments and emails from it. Sometimes it is the simplest tools that make our lives so much easier online. It seems like every year, every week, EVERY DAY there are more great tools and blogging apps coming out to […]

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