What do you want to do before turning thirty? Did you have a big list or a simple one? After seeing many friends make their 30 by 30 or life lists, I was a bit overwhelmed with the prospect. Giving myself more boxes to check just isn’t my thing these days, instead we made an “unlist”.

Matt and I jotted down a list of the things we’ve learned so far. A list of funny, wise, honest, and helpful lessons that have compiled over the past thirty years.

We wrote them on scraps of fabric and are planning to add to them each year in hopes that one day we will be able to pass down the wisdom of our good choices and our faulty ones. “Steak should only be turned once” a very helpful lesson learned. “Dance in the rain, it’s okay to get wet” a fun mantra we have adapted to our life. “Always check the oil in your car” a much more costly lesson.

As a part of our thirtieth birthday celebration, we tied all these lessons together onto a bunch of balloons, grabbed the cake we would later blow out and celebrated all that it means to have lived, learned and enjoyed the many boxes already checked throughout our quickly fleeting twenties.

Photography by Carly Taylor.

PS. The rest of the celebration… Invites, our match stick candle, curly cue confetti & a summer float bar.