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a bridesmaid ball

Make these surprise yarn balls to pop the ever important “will you be my bridesmaid” question! A fun idea for a small brunch or get together to announce your good news. They’d also be a splendid gift to receive when wrapped up and mailed to friends far away.

To make your surprise yarn balls look great, download the ten different color options (a couple shown above) by clicking here!

You will also need a carton box, one large bead and a ball of yarn. Secure the chosen tag at the end of the yarn with a knot. Start wrapping the tag in yarn until you get a yarn ball.End by securing the bead to the yarn with a knot

Project by Alessandra Aghila for Styled. issue four.


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  1. This is so funny! That yarn looks almost the exact color of the yarn I bought that matches the color of my bridesmaids dresses, so I wouldn’t have to drag the fancy dresses around every time I wanted to find something that matched the color.

    I had EVEN planned to mail out pieces of the yarn to my bridesmaids and helpers to help them shop for color coordinated wedding things! This is SUCH a cute way to send that out.

    Great post!
    <3 Laura

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