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A bright spring party

Smack in the of our most blizzardish week we had a beautiful sun breaking through kind of day. We grabbed a couple quarts of hot pink paint and painted up the afternoon. The pieces that came form this editorial shoot are some of my favorites. They’ve been staring back at me as the snow continues to pile up this week. It has become a sort of checklist for things to brighten up spring; for parties or just for the everyday.

The entire concept for this shoot stemmed from an idea I of fishing with flowers into paint. What it would look like to dip flowers in the brightest of colors. I was so pleased to find out once we did it how gorgeously bright and brilliant they became! I took a bit of white paint to the bright flowers we had and noticed the contrast made them even brighter. I found an old macrame hanging and decided to dip it as well, it didn’t cover perfectly but looks just radiant holding a bucket of herbs in the early spring sun.

After that we just began to have a bit of fun seeing how many celebration items could be given new life with paint. Thrifted candlesticks and a pair of dark shoes both took to the makeover quite well. As did a paper plastered wall!

Any of these ideas on their own would lead to a splendid party design and together they made for a very bright afternoon.

Editorial styling by me, photography by Erin Holland for Styled. magazine.

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