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A classic vanilla summer

Marshmallow life preservers

There’s nothing like bright colors, country music and classic tasting creamy vanilla coffee to instantly take me back to my first summer out of school. Fresh out of my first year of college and ready to take on the world… I will never forget that summer after starting college. The early mornings I sat outside watching the sun rise with my new favorite drink – Classic Vanilla coffee.

There was a fresh and new taste to everyday that summer. It was the summer I fell in love with coffee and my husband, which eventually led to us getting married and hosting our wedding cocktail hour as a coffee hour. It led to many summers filled with planning, dreaming and scheming early in the mornings with my coffee. I still drink it the same way to this day; so when Coffee-mate reached out about their line of flavored creamers that invoke nostalgia: Classic Vanilla, Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie and Caramel Macchiato, I thought it would be the perfect way to show how I add few bright and fun details to make it a bit better as time passed.

Nail polish painted mug

Marshmallow life preservers

Nail polish painted mugs

I’m the kind of girl who has to have {MY!} daily coffee mug. We have an entire cabinet filled with coffee mugs, but there is one in particular that is shaped just right for my hand. I use it daily until it basically disintegrates and forces me to purchase a new one. No matter the trends or looks, I tend to never change that mug unless it is demanded of me. To update my mug with a bit of fun style this summer I painted it using nail polish. It is sometimes hard to find mugs I like in cute designs, so purchasing small white ones (my go-to mug style) and painting them is a great way to update the style.

Nail polish comes with it’s own brush, perfect for an organic and whimsical design. Or use a small dabber to create polished polka dots on a cup. Combining the designs will create a shelf full of bright/colorful cups easily.

To create painted mugs that will last, allow the nail polish to dry fully and then paint a top coat of dishwasher safe acrylic sealant to the mugs. This will allow them to be washed and used again and again. For a more temporary application (think updating a plain set for a shower) just stick to the nail polish and it will scrub off with hot water later that day.

Nail polish painted mugs

Marshmallow life preservers

Marshmallow life preservers

Life preserver marshmallows are another great way to brighten up a trusty cup of coffee this summer. The design of these is totally based on my recent obsession with Gray Malin. I was staring at this photo and thought – those look like marshmallows. So of course, I had to make some! These marshmallow life preservers are a fun treat for my morning coffee. I smile every time I see one of them and they’d look amazing stacked up for a brunch or shower.

To make the life preserver marshmallows I used large sized marshmallows and cut them into 1/2 circles. Using a pairing knife I cut out the center of each marshmallow. Once the life preserver shape is created all that’s needed is a small brush and colored icing tint. Do not dilute the tint, just brush it right on the circles.

Lay out the marshmallows on wax paper to paint and allow them to fully dry before removing. Once dry the marshmallows will keep in a closed container for about a week. Pop them into a warm cup with coffee with Coffee-mate Classic Vanilla flavored creamer for an extra treat while you dream about taking over the world today.

Marshmallow life preservers

Marshmallow life preservers

You may know that I’ve taken a bit of time off recently to watch the sun rise, plan and enjoy the mornings again. I’ve been floating these life preserver marshmallows in my morning coffees (with pink flamingos to save, of course!) and reminiscing about those lazy summers when coffee was new, mornings were bright, and life was there for the taking. It’s amazing how such little details of revelry and such a beloved drink can inspire me to see everything fresh again.

Marshmallow life preservers

Painted mugs for summer

Although Coffee-mate Classic Vanilla flavor has been my coffee flavor of choice for over 15 years, any of the Coffee Mate Creamers (Toll House® Chocolate Chip Cookie or Caramel Macchiato) will also give the same nostalgic creamy taste. Enjoy your own cup and remember the mornings from way back then.

This is a sponsored post by NESTLE Coffee-mate. The reviews/opinions expressed in this post are unbiased & based on my personal view.

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  1. As I read this and savor my coffee I’m inspired to make these darling marshmallow life preservers! Regarding the creamer, I haven’t tried coffee mate’s creamer, I always for the plain stuff, maybe I’ll give it a try ;)

    Happy long weekend!


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