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a contrast of black and white

I am very excited to finally share a few photos from the celebration of my twins turning three (see the story in Styled. issue five out today). The stark contrast fits them at this age and the elements were great fun to design. My favorite piece from the day being my husband’s broken down childhood cello. We spray painted it black and strung with neon thread (so fun!).

Read on for the rest of the party photos and details

Having a make your own pizza bar has been a hit for us at parties and at home. The kids love creating their own special pizzas, and with good quality ingredients set out adults can tailor their toppings as well. Lay everything out on a large table and be sure to have step stools for the kids to reach. Place pizza sauce in milk bottles for easy pouring and cut the dough into individual sizes for easy piling. Have a specific adult on watch at the oven to be sure little hands don’t get in the way.

Often as parents we forget that great design is a part of the fun, even at a young age. This stark black and white concept works as it plays to the circus nature in kids while remaining bold enough to carry their energy into good design.

Recreate this party by making simple hats with big black balls, dipping bowls in glossy black paint, using porcelain markers to differentiate glasses, and designing a large punchata for play!

Photography by Erin Holland.

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