Easter countdown eggs are the perfect excuse to make something pretty this month. Make a dozen of them for your kids, a friend, or even yourself, and enjoy an exciting 12 days counting down this spring. Paint the eggs in pretty hues and label each egg with a number or date.

Fill each egg with a fun gift to be cracked open each day. Include simple pom poms chicks for kids, bells, money, and/or sweets. Small notes of encouragement would be great to include for a friend. Single out one egg as special by filing it with a fun outing (a pedicure perhaps!). Fill the eggs with sweet love notes and special surprises for a husband. Encouragement for a coworker, sweet Easter memories for a mom – anything that can fit inside will do!

To make the countdown Easter eggs you’ll need a dozen eggs, a sharp knife, paints, confetti, and fun prizes to fill the inside with. Tap bottom of egg with sharp knife, slowly chip the eggshell away until the hole is large enough for gift. Drain each egg, rinse and let dry. Carefully fill hollowed out egg with gift and confetti paper “grass”.

Cover the opening with washi tape and then paint/decorate!

Styling and photography by Carly Taylor for A Subtle Revelry.