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A Dreamy Harvest Lunch

What do you dream of for Thanksgiving week? I long for lazy afternoons in chunky sweaters and meals with friends around the table. This harvest lunch that my friend Tina enjoyed is just the perfect note for the season. The dreamy photos capture exactly what I hope the coming holiday will bring.

The air was thick with rain that day and the clouds hung lazily overhead, taunting our plans of an afternoon spent picking fresh produce from our friend’s organic, biodynamic farm.  We threw on our rain boots and an extra sweater and went, like little hunters and gatherers, into the garden to make our lunch selections.

There was so much to choose from, so we gathered a wonderful and bountiful harvest that included potatoes, onions, and basil. But the star of the day was most certainly the little kuri pumpkins. They would be the centerpiece of our afternoon’s soup.

There was no cookbook, no recipe to follow…  just simple and wholesome ingredients and a little luck too. My friend, Bellis, stood over the pot, stirring every so often until the pumpkin was soft. She added a splash of milk, a bit of salt and pepper, and pureed everything until it was smooth.

Mismatched bowls were filled with the fragrant soup and we all sat down to the worn wooden table; a gathering place for anyone working on the farm that day, or lucky visitors like ourselves.

Photography by Tina Fussell for A Subtle Revelry.

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