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A Few Things

Unicorn cakeWhoohoo! Happy Easter weekend… These last couple weeks have been nutty for our little team over here. It’s about time we all enjoy a nice relaxing weekend and a tasty unicorn cake – isn’t she the cutest!?!

One of the biggest things that has happened recently is our site redesign. Every once in awhile we need a bit of a refresher so if you’re reading this somewhere else, I’d love for you to click over and take a look. We added a home tour page that will continue to get updated as we renovate. It’s been great fun behind the scenes prepping for a season of new content and fun product + course launches.

Bright + Healthy Living

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The first thing I’m excited about is kicking off Monday, our Bright + Healthy living connect. It’s free for the taking! One week of engaging together via email, videos and a fun quiz all about how to live life healthy + brightly. Posting videos of myself sharing pieces of my personal story isn’t something I do very often, so you won’t want to miss it. To join me, sign up here.

Pinata eggs

Do you celebrate big for Easter? We normally hide the kid’s baskets and they have to find eggs scattered around with clues inside them to find the baskets, it has become such a hit with them. Although now that they are getting older we need to think a little harder about our clues. And for breakfast we make some version of these bunny cinnamon rolls.

This pinata egg idea is definitely coming back this year and we bought this spinner for fun last minute egg marbling.

Around the house, we just finished the major tile project we’ve been working on, I’ll be sharing the fun difference it made in the dining room soon. Next up is transforming our 2nd story outdoor deck and building a treehouse – 2 projects I am really excited about! You can see some of my favorite outdoor inspiration right here.

Have a happy Easter weekend. xoxo

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