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a flag football party

I am excited to share about our flag football party game this week! We met at the park and played it out late one afternoon – the winner even brought home a trophy (I think it is now an official family tradition). A perfect fall diversion for the cool evenings and long halftimes over the next month. While I finish sifting through the photos, here are a couple of my favorite flag football party ideas – if you’d like to host your own.

football belts | water bottles | knee high socks | lighted pendants | scoreboard

Graphic done in collaboration with Alli Michelle.

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  1. I love all these great ideas, and we are definitely going to do a flag football game during halftime! My wife and I are having a huge end of the season football blowout this weekend for all my friends and coworkers from DISH. Also, we’re going to turn our giant basement room into the ultimate football headquarters. With our DISH Hopper, we’ll have three TVs hooked up, one to each tuner, that will allow us to watch three different games at the same time, in full HD! There’s also a sweet play-room down there, so all the parents can keep an eye on their kids.

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